Sunday, April 17, 2011

Pro-Mexican Militia plans march on Los Angeles

A pro-Mexican group with ties to political violence plans to march on Los Angeles this weekend to promote citizenship for illegal aliens.

La Hermandad Mexicana Nacional, a group that purports to be a mere "community-based organization" with the goal of "immigration reform" is the primary organizer of a coalition of groups that plan to march on Los Angeles this coming Saturday, the 10th of October.

The group's name centers around a Spanish word that means an "association of armed individuals". Although it is often translated as "brotherhood", the term could equally be translated as "militia".

The background of La Hermandad Mexicana Nacional reveals ties to the Communist Party, separatist organizations, and political violence. The group's founder, Bert Corona, is also closely affiliated with La Raza, the group that wants to secede the southwestern portion of the United States and give it to Mexico (claiming that it was once the mythical land of Aztlan). Corona is also closely affiliated with the separatist and gang-related Brown Berets, who claim credit for shooting down a police helicopter. Corona and La Hermandad Mexicana Nacional have also been the subject of investigations into politically-motivated community grants.

Other radical groups also plan to participate, as the above poster shows. Those groups include the "ANSWER Coalition". The acronym in their name stands for "Act Now to Stop War and End Racism". They are one of the groups that routinely labels their opponents "racists". They have used that label to smear supporters of stronger border security. The ANSWER Coalition was also a key supporter of the Code Pink marches in January and March of 2007. The march in January defaced the US Capitol Building and the Navy Memorial with pink spray paint. (House Speaker Nancy Pelosi had ordered the US Capitol Police to stand by and not prevent the vandalism.) The second march, on Saint Patrick's Day of 2007, was intended to spray pink paint on the Vietnam War Memorial Wall. Almost 5,000 radicals showed up in DC to commit the vandalism, but 25,000 military veterans showed up to prevent it.

At press time, it was unclear whether any groups were planning a counter-march in Los Angeles.

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