Sunday, April 17, 2011

LA Mayor Brawls for Control of School District

Internet exclusive: On Full Disclosure® Video News Blog

Video Blog Time: 11:57 min.
Release Date: August 22, 2006

Los Angeles, CA: The multi-billion dollar budget of LAUSD attracts power hungry politicians on the Full Disclosure Network® special Video News Blog (12 min). Featuring the raucous debate over AB 1381 between the major players in the battle for control over the Los Angeles Unified School District. This video is available on demand, 24/7 as a public service.

Those featured in the video are:

Antonio Villaraigosa, L.A. Mayor

Roy Romer, LAUSD Superintendent

Gloria Romero, State Senator

Tom Saenz, Chief Counsel to the Mayor

Jackie Goldberg, Member, California State Assembly

Kevin Reed, LAUSD General Counsel

Fabian Nunez, California Assembly Speaker

Marlene Cantor, President L.A. Board of Education

Scott Folsom, President 10th District PTA

Alex Padilla, Los Angeles City Councilman

Gerry Miller, Chief Legislative Analyst, L.A. City

Gene Krischer, Friends of the Children

The California State Assembly Bill 1381 was proposed to give power over the funds and the schools to the Los Angeles Mayor and to take power from the elected School Board members. In this video many of the critical points are debated while legal experts predict the legislation is unconstitutional and will be invalidated if approved and signed into law.

Full Disclosure® has assembled video clips from a public hearing of the Assembly Public Education Committee, conducted by Chairman Jackie Goldberg, plus clips from the five-hour discussion on this issue by the Los Angeles City Council. Featured are searing debates between angry citizens and the Mayor's Chief Counsel Tom Saenz and LAUSD General Counsel Kevin Reed.

LA City Councilman Alex Padilla concludes with the question "This bill is concerned with HOW to take control. But I haven't heard the answer to the question: 'Then what?' Then what will the Mayor do to improve the schools?" This question remains unanswered.

Billed as "the news behind the news" the Full Disclosure Network® is an independent, educational, public affairs cable program featured on 43 cable systems and the worldwide Internet website Hosted by Leslie Dutton, who in 2002 was presented with a public affairs Emmy Award from the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences for their series entitled "L.A.'s War Against Terrorism".

Unfortunately, I can't get the video on here, but it's well worth going to the link and watching it.   Antonio Villaraigosa, Nativo Lopez, and Fabian Nunez.  I was looking at one of the Bert Corona charter schools in California.  I can't understand all the factors they use in evaluating schools, but this one had an API rating of  2.  I don't think that's very good at all.

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