Sunday, January 23, 2011


Now, ole Tryon already knows all this, but this is basic info that we need to know so ole Tryon will know we know.  I'm going to be giving links to some videos put out by Independence Caucus that show why ole Tryon and his cohorts vote the way they do and submit the bills they do.  Just let me warn you that it ain't the American way and does not fulfill their obligations under their oaths to protect this nation and preserve our Constitution. 

Are you ready, Tryon?  Class is in session.....

Find out how Congress was stolen from you with our step-by-step Video Presentations:

"The Articles of the Independence Caucus"

Article II, Section 1: A Tale of Two Congressmen

Click below to meet two Utah Congressmen (one from each party), and their tale that explains all you need to know about today's Special Interest Lobbyists and how they misuse & abuse our Federal Budget process!

Watch Video

Article II, Section 2: A Tale of Two Congressmen

See who is financing the perpetual reelection campaigns of our two Utah Congressmen (one from each party), and who these Congressmen are actually representing... (hint: It's not you!)

Watch Video

Article III: No Taxation Without (compromised) Representation

See why our tax system is a complete mess, and how our two Utah Congressmen (one from each party) are funded by Special Interest Lobbyists who misuse & abuse our Federal Tax policies!

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Article IV: Congress '08 - Bordering on Insanity

See more than 1.8 million reasons why the U.S. Congress (including our two Utah Congressmen - one from each party) won't do anything about fixing our immigration problems!

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Article V: The Rebirth of Common Sense

Discover the Equation that we need to take back our government from the "Big Money" special interest groups... and find our way back to Common Sense again!

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More Articles...

Article VI, Section 1: Budget Games We Can (finally) Win

Article VI, Section 2: Budget Games We Can (finally) Win

Article VI, Section 3: Budget Games We Can (finally) Win

Article VII: “Implementing “I.R.S.” – Internal Revenue Solutions"

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