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I was KINDA upset with the news that Tryon was submitting a bill that would further deteriorate American and Texan patriotism and absolutely flabbergasted that he would choose THIS as his FIRST bill.  So... I sent the link to the story out to some friends.  Stacy Wright wrote Tryon a letter regarding the article.  Here it is:



Sent: Monday, January 10, 2011 1:57 AM

Subject: Email sent to Tryon Lewis

Letter sent to Tryon Lewis concerning the filling of his First Bill as descibed at the site below in an article in the Odessa American.

Dear Sir:

Many of our brave forefathers were murdered in cold blood by the little tyrant Napoleon wanta be Santa Anna. Texas first and ONLY Independence Day should be the day our forefathers defeated a tyrannical Mexico.

I have to say that your first bill filed (as reported in the Odessa American, 1-9-11) greatly disappoints me. Mexico continues sending waves of illegal aliens north with the help of most governments and is in the process remaking Texas into another mexico.

As to the Speakers Race it is my understanding that current House Speaker Joe Straus has been instrumental in keeping Bills aimed at reducing illegal alien influence and their numbers in our state, (such as Voter ID and E-Verify) from coming to a vote. I do not understand your stated support of this man. Your support needs to be given to anti-amnesty, pro-enforcement, pro-E-Verify immigration policies Rep. Warren Chisum.

As to the budget shortfall and future cuts in state spending. The absolute first cuts need to be in state funds that go to illegal aliens. It absolutely sickens me to know that my tax dollars and those of my fellow Texans are openly going to support and thus encourage illegal aliens. Millions of tax dollars are spent to fund instate tuition, which at the same time denies higher education for my fellow citizens.

The estimated cost of illegal aliens to Texas citizens is in the order 5 billion dollars each and every year. This 5 billion dollars, in no way takes into account the thousands of Texas citizens that are killed and maimed each and every year by illegal aliens. The monetary harm done by the deaths and injuries to Texas citizens would be on the order of 20 to 30 billion.

Sir, please take my words into account in your days ahead and do what is right for the citizens of Texas. The number one thing that can be done for Texas citizens now is to rid our great state of all illegal aliens and their cost borne by the working people of Texas.

"We are facing a situation, where if we don’t control immigration, legal and illegal, we will eventually reach the point where it won’t be what kind of a nation we are, balkanized or united, we will actually have to face the fact that we are no longer a nation at all." `~Tom Tancredo

Thank You

Stacy Wright

In Tryon's reply to Stacy's letter to him, Tryon made THIS statement:

"I received a reply from Rep. Lewis saying had we not got free from Spain Texas independence would not have occurred or at least much later. "

To which Stacy replied, "To which I responded, I felt it was wrong to grant a state holiday that is the independence day of the nation in the process of Reconquista."

This is some wrong-headed thinking by our Representative Tryon Lewis, and almost everything he addresses in the original article is impacted by illegal immigration.  So..... as of now, this site has been reactivated with the objective of re-educating Rep. Tryon Lewis.  Stay tuned.... I ain't quitting til he yells "Uncle."

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