Sunday, January 23, 2011

E-mail Sent to Leo Berman 1-23-2011

Dear Honorable Mr. Berman,

Tryon Lewis, my District Representative, announced in the Odessa American that his first bill he will submit will declare September 16th an official state holiday as Mexican Independence Day. It concerns me greatly that he is choosing this as his first bill in view of all the other problems that need addressing by our Legislature. I have supported and voted for Tryon the 3 times he has been required to run for his current office. I interviewed him prior to voting for him the first time regarding his stance on illegal immigration and felt fairly secure in my vote for him. This action of his has astounded me since declaring an official state holiday for the Mexican Independence Day only further blurs that border and presents a laissez faire attitude toward our illegal immigration problem that will undoubtedly encourage more illegal immigration.

I was wondering if you might know what prompted Mr. Lewis to place so much weight on this that he would make it his Hallmark First Bill and would be willing to discuss it. I have reactivated my old blog regarding illegal immigration and the communication systems involved along with it. There are quite a few people who will receive the info regarding this situation and through them, quite a few more via the alliances we formed with other organizations fighting illegal immigration both at a state and national level. We would sincerely appreciate your participation.
And, thank you for all you have done regarding our illegal immigration problem.  I wish you great success.
Faye Hall

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