Monday, January 21, 2008


I went to the Republican Party meeting today at lunch held at the Alliance Hospital conference room. Can't say much for the lunch menu, but the speaker was good. His name is Michael Solomon and he spoke on his book, "Where Did My America Go?" I'm wondering the same thing.

Got home and received an e-mail from a friend telling about her friend who was attacked in Dillard's parking lot in Midland. They included a story about a woman in Walmart in Midland getting attacked and having her purse stolen. The e-mail stated that the police said this is happening quite a bit here lately... we're going to have to get Odessa's booklet done for the Police and Sheriff's Deparments here soon. I'm rather upset that they've not put out some kind of notice. I am a fairly mean old woman and have had 5 years of a bad form of karate. My little ole frail mother though could be seriously injured.

Met Randy Rives. From the articles in the newspaper about the school board, I was prepared not to like him. But we talked to him a while about the immigration problem and I really liked his attitude and his level of information. He was given the CFIR survey and promised to complete it. The survey has not yet been delivered to the other candidates but is in the process of being delivered. We'll post the results when they come in.

I don't know how many of you are Republicans, Democrats, or Indpendents. Doesn't matter. We all need to be as informed as we can get. All the candidates for State Representitive were there except Buddy West, but his mother was there representing him. So I wonder if all of them are Republican. Pat Kennedy will be delivering the survey to Craddick and his opponent. We will also post those results.

Well, I've put some information on vote fraud on here that I hope everyone becomes familiar with. I'm not saying that anything is wrong with our own voting machines or election process. I am saying that we need to know what's happening in our nation. I'll be putting some more vote fraud on here. I watched Bill Clinton on tv the other day while he was in Nevada and was complaining about the way they had set up the vote there. I really didn't know whether to laugh or puke because he and Al Gore manipulated the INS to grant citizenship in a hurry while he was President specifically to get the votes. The same is occurring now only ole Bill can't issue orders to INS anymore and he's ticked off.

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