Saturday, January 19, 2008


CNN A.M. brought up a hint of election fraud only ONCE 1-9-8
(I watched this video. If I remember right, it was Wolf Blitzer and the Snyder guy. The overall impression was one of confusion and being astounded between these two men. The video has now been removed from You Tube.)

(Someone pulled it over - when you go to the prison planet video below, look over to the right. This video is coming up for me. But the address is the same so when I list it here, it goes right to the message that it's been pulled. It comes up fine if you click on it from the right of the prison planet video.)

Is this Fraud??
Vote Fraud in New Hampshire

Rush Limbaugh Smells Voter Fraud in New Hampshire

(If the Rush video doesn't come up, go to You Tube, search the site for RUSH LIMBAUGH VOTER FRAUD and select the one with the appropriate title.)

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