Saturday, August 20, 2011

Thoughts on Allodial Title and Agenda 21; What does this mean to We, The People?

Excerpted from: What is a Land Patent?
                                                                   CHAPTER IX
Part 1: Introduction
This states in part:

"When taxation of real property began, because of "the confusion of ideas that prevails on this subject," the people unknowingly, and voluntarily accepted the premise that government was the Superior and the legal title holder; and their interest in the land was merely an equitable one. This voluntary acceptance constituted tacit consent to a feudal contract. King George, once again, was back in America.
When the gigantic public trust was implemented in 1913 via the Federal Reserve Act, no immediate changes with regard to this master/serf relationship between government and landholder were necessary. Life went on as usual with no clues to the fact that all property had been hypothecated to the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve; and as trustees. they held legal title. This was accomplished by allowing the same taxing agencies to act as administrating agents for this newly formed trust.
With the feudal tenant registered as a beneficiary of this trust via a Birth Certificate, and title to the land held in trust, further involvement and the consequent subjection to the controls of management was left to the individual. For example: The farmer/tenant was left to his own devices and discretion as to what to plant, when to plant, how much to plant, etc. - as long as he paid his tithes to - the tax collector (now, in actuality, a collector of interest and/or insurance, premiums). However, when he applied, for, and received, such "benefits" as farm subsidy, government supported grain storage, etc., he became further bound to the trust and incurred certain additional obligations and duties, he voluntarily subjected himself to the coercive terms of adhesion. Now, he could be ordered and directed as what to plant, where to plant, when to plant, how much of each crop, and even be ordered to destroy crops already in existence. If he thought that such coercive, and apparently insane, actions were violative of his rights to due process of law and went to court, as many farmers did, he lost; and the court did not tell him that a contract was being enforced against him in which he had voluntarily subjected himself to its coercive terms.
If he had understood the facts and the applicable law, as it applies to those facts, he could have used the law to extricate himself from such an intolerable situation, in lieu of having the law used against him.
The founding fathers knew free men could survive only as long as they owned allodial title to property, because it is this type of ownership that accounted for broad spectrum distribution of income and preservation of the common law jury system, which they referred to as the "palladium," or the very comer stone, of liberty. They also knew that manipulation of the money supply, via debt, would ultimately take from the people their substance by concentrating the property into the hands of a few." 

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