Friday, August 19, 2011

Obama to America: Drop Dead

Obama to America: Drop Dead - San Francisco Immigration

By Rick Oltman

In the most anti-American act of his administration that showed complete contempt for America and Americans, President Barack Hussein Obama amnestied over 30 million illegal aliens on Thursday. There was no legislation, no debate and no consideration for American citizens.

Cecilia Munoz, formerly of the racist group La Raza, posted on the White House Blog that under the president’s direction an amnesty was declared for illegal aliens in America.

Oh, it wasn’t called amnesty, of course. In classic Orwellian Newspeak she said, “Today, (DHS) announced that they are strengthening their ability to target criminals even further by making sure they are not focusing our resources on deporting people who are low priorities for deportation.”

But it’s an amnesty.

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Make your thoughts known - call the President's comment line about this: 1-202-456-1111 - Email him at  ~ Jean Towell


Well, NCLR wasn't satisfied with all the high level governmental appointments Obama paid them in return for their help in getting him elected.  They've now twisted his arm by threatening to withdraw their support in 2012 and by actively encouraging him to be a dictator that he has now become a dictator, throwing the Balance of Power, our Constitution, and our laws out the window.  Here's some on Cecilia Munoz.  I have never liked her since she was on some committee that was discussing how many people from each country we would allow in as legal immigrants.  She said something to the effect that she (although she phrased it as "we") didn't want to let too many black people in.  Wish I'd kept that.  I remember copying it as a comment on some posting on ALIPAC but I haven't been able to find it... that was back when I first started looking at this mess and wasn't familiar with saving things. Anyway, here's Cecilia.

I do believe that is incontestable evidence that the White House knows what the Balance of Powers is, what our Constitution and laws mean and that they have blatantly disregarded all of what this country was founded upon in favor of their own agendas.  Our Congress needs to get off their duffs, do their job and reign this president and his entourage in.  ~   Faye

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