Friday, August 26, 2011

Rep. Gutierrez says Immigrant Voters put Obama in Office

In sharing his joy over Obama's latest immigration policy with the Latino community, Congressman Luis Gutierrez (D-IL) let it slip that "immigrant voters" helped put Obama in the White House. It is illegal for immigrants-- legal or illegal -- to vote in U.S. elections.

Gutierrez confirms what many in the U.S. already believe: Illegal aliens are voting in U.S. elections -- to the benefit of the Democrat Party -- and each time an illegal alien votes, it cancels out a vote cast by a U.S. citizen.

Following the Obama Homeland Security Department's policy change on illegal alien deportations last Thursday, New York's Congressman Peter King slammed Obama's deportation policy as a blatant attempt to bypass congressional authority and grant amnesty to millions of illegal aliens by fiat.

While the move caused anger among many GOP lawmakers and citizens groups, it was praised by the Democrats.

"This is the Barack Obama I have been waiting for and that Latino and immigrant voters helped put in office," Rep. Luis GutiƩrrez (D-Ill.) told New York Daily News reporter Jack Straw.

Rep. King, who is chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee accused Obama of cherry picking which laws to enforce and which ones to ignore.

“This new non-enforcement policy announced by the Obama Administration Thursday is a blatant attempt to grant amnesty to potentially millions of illegal aliens in this country, and is totally unacceptable. In reality, this decision to vastly expand the exercise of ‘prosecutorial discretion’ in enforcing our federal immigration laws means that the Administration will now be, in a huge number of cases, simply ignoring those laws," said King.

King (R-Nassau) cited Obama's remarks from July: “On July 25, in a speech to the National Council of La Raza, the President himself said, ‘I know some people want me to bypass Congress and change the laws on my own…but that’s not how our system works…That’s not how our democracy functions. That’s not how our Constitution is written.’ Apparently the President’s understanding of how our system of government works has changed since last month,” King sternly noted.

“The President and members of his Administration must enforce this nation’s laws, just as they have sworn in their oaths of office to do," said the visibly angry Congressman King. Contributing Editor Jim Kouri, CPP is currently fifth vice-president of the National Association of Chiefs of Police and is a columnist for The Examiner ( and New Media Alliance ( In addition, he's a blogger for the Cheyenne, Wyoming Fox News KGAB ( Jim Kouri also serves as political advisor for Emmy and Golden Globe actor Michael Moriarty.

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Faye said...

Well, I guess he ought to know since he was reported as going to hispanic houses, helping them to fill out voter registrations, and then delivering the registrations to the appropriate offices. This is illegal unto itself. And, he's pushed the president into disregarding our Constitution, our laws, and legislation that has been defeated numerous times by the American public. Congress needs to step up to the plate and perform their function under our Constitution, block this dictatorial action, and censure the president.