Friday, August 26, 2011

National Association of Former Border Patrol Officers - smugglers' fees

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Friday, 10/1/10

Frontera (Tijuana, Baja Calif.) 9/30/10
Arizona law SB1070 boosts smugglers’ fees

Crossing over to “the other side” (read: the U.S.) used to cost Mexicans two thousand dollars or more; however, smugglers’ rates have now reached $4,500 dollars starting last June. The approval of Law SB1070 in Arizona has allowed the “coyotes” to fill their pockets due to the criminalization of immigrants in that state. New York’s Tepeyac Association, which looks after the rights of immigrants, pointed out that, nevertheless, this 125% increase has not impacted the attempts to cross the border.

Migrants have changed routes now. Arizona is no longer a viable option and now people attempt to cross mostly through New Mexico, California and Texas, according to Joel Magallanes, executive director of the Tepeyac organization. Magallanes added that prices not only impact on Mexicans: it’s the South Americans who must come up with a larger payment to reach the “American dream.” It used to cost them $7,000 dollars, while now the “pollero” (“chicken herder” or smuggler) demands some $15,000. Central Americans have a slight discount, but their cost has risen from the previous $6,000 and has now reached $10,000. The Tepeyac group also pointed out the insecurity on the border and the current high volume of the Rio Grande River, both of which increase the risk for those who attempt to reach the neighboring country.

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Hey, Democrats!!! If you really want to tax somebody, why don't you tax all those money transfers out of the country? Tax them "liberally." 'Course that would wind up cutting down on your illegal voter numbers...