Tuesday, August 2, 2011

300,000 Registrations for non-citizens

Re:  Redistricting
David Simcox, former Executive Director of the Center for Immigration Studies released a study in early October 2008 that said an estimated 1.8 million to 2.7 million non-citizen immigrants in the United States may be illegally registered to vote and over 300,000 of them are from Texas, thereby potentially influencing the outcome of the upcoming presidential and congressional elections.[17]

The counties mentioned in the report were Bexar, Dallas, El Paso, Harris, Maverick, Presidio, Starr, Tarrant, Travis, Valverde, and Webb counties. The report found that, according to Mr. Simcox's calculations, Dallas, Harris, Presidio and Starr counties had a higher number of registered voters than legitimately eligible voters, a figure that excludes non-citizens and convicted felons.[17]


This was what I was talking about...

Via e-mail ~ Dragonrider
So MALDEF is challenging the redistricting in South and West Texas according to their website.  Novembeer is going to be interesting.  I've watched NCLR, LULAC, SEIU, and ACORN for years do their registration drives.  They turn out to look a lot like the ones Luis Gutierrez runs.  ~ Faye


Anonymous said...

I admire what you have done here. I love the part where you say you are doing this to give back but I would assume by all the comments that is working for you as well. Do you have any more info on this?

Faye said...

There's more over on the left of this blog under vote fraud. But there's much, much more if you want to do the research. I think you will be shocked. I certainly was.