Sunday, April 17, 2011


The Demographic Future of El Norte

by Ignacio Martínez

Power resides in numbers. For the Chicano people they are our greatest asset, and the foundation that will secure our future as a nation.

Until the late 1800's our numbers in El Norte had been minimal, the result being a constant and relentless attack on our culture and livelihood. With the onset of the Mexican Revolution Mexicanos, tired and fearful of the unstable situation in Mexico, rushed to the United States to seek safety and economic stability. This movement of mass migration north only served to intensify negative Anglo sentiments towards Mexicanos as they saw their future being dampened with burdensome invaders. Nevertheless, for the Chicano/Mexicano people this event marked the beginning of La Reconquista, the re-conquering of their lost lands.

Since the Mexican Revolution our numbers have been on a constant and relentless rise, favorably reinforcing our language, culture, and religion. And now it seems, by taking a look at popular culture that the Hispanic ethos is everywhere and everybody wants to take part in it, nobody wants to be left behind. According to the U.S. Census Bureau the population of Hispanics as of March 2000 had 32.8 million Hispanics residing in the United States, making one in every eight people of Hispanic origin. Of this calculation 66.1% were Mexican, 14.5% were Central or South American, 9.0% were Puerto Rican, 4.0% were Cuban and the remaining 6.4% were of other Hispanic origin. The current U.S. projections show that the Hispanic population is currently at about 34,000,000. Anglos make up about 196,000,000 and blacks about 34,000,000, leaving about 20,000,000 to other ethnic groups. Nevertheless, Hispanics are growing at an incredible rate and are the fastest growing group, aside from Asians, in the United States.

The projections are mind boggling. By the year 2025 Hispanics will be at 60,000,000 and by 2075 our numbers will be at a staggering 142,000,000. Projections leading into the next century are even more significant. Still, these numbers are representative of the entire U.S. population, the situation in El Norte is quite different as our population will constitute the majority, primarily in the states of New Mexico, Texas, Colorado, Arizona, and California, as early as 2035. California and Texas alone will have over 40,000,000 Hispanics.

Where will your loyalty be then, with an old and crumbling empire, or will you wish to secure your future and that of your children in a new and vibrant nation, La República Del Norte? The numbers don't lie, and immigration from Mexico does not seem to be abating any time soon, only adding to our population even more than the census can account for. Hence, as is predicted by all major census indicators Hispanics will be the largest ethnic group in the Southwest in just a few decades. Will you go down with the sinking ship or invest in the future?

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