Thursday, February 18, 2010


I've been thinking about this. I am now able to post on the OA.... on something other than the article I was posting on. There was a poster who was tracking me and found out my first name, which I haven't used since the 6th grade, my husband's name, where I had worked, and my address. Other people, particularly dragonrider, was having posts deleted. Williard had his profile flagged, but was still able to post. Consequently, OA may have wanted me to change my profile for protection and somebody else was deleting my posts. Elections are going on and they may have wanted to print those instead old gripes about ECISD sending migrant kids to DC... who knows?

dragonrider, I figured your post would be deleted so I saved it. It did get deleted. I think it was an important post because it shows how the Aztlan-oriented are attempting to move into official positions. So here's your post that was deleted.

dragonrider wrote: Just for the record, foxadler...everybody said what a fine job that Mr. Breaux was doing on the ODC board...everyone...including Art Leal said he was experienced...Art even went as far as to admit that Mr. Breaux had more experience than he did in the OA article that I cited earlier but that post seems to have been why was Mr. Breaux replaced by Dr. Subia?'s the answer PLAIN and SIMPLE...Breaux HAD to GO...because he was WHITE and "Una Voz" hollered "That ain't right"...Mr. Breaux hadn't finished his term but he was replaced...NOW...if it had been a Hispanic replaced by a white man under the same circumstances, what would have been said...Would it have been called RACISM? Would some sort of Federal Suit have been filed? Would La Raza have been marching in the streets? Would Mr. Velasquez have been broadcasting the INJUSTICE on his radio station? bet your bottom dollar that all of those things would have happened...but as it turns out Mr. Breaux wasn't a he stepped down with DIGNITY...ask your friend Mr. Leal how he reacted to the news that the board voted 32 against his appointment...did HE react with DIGNITY? Why is it that some people believe that racism is never directed towards whites and only towards minorities...I smell a double standard in Odessa...2/17/2010 1:30 AM CST

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