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fayehall wrote:
Great story, Dianna Wray. Since I have been the foremost opponent of these kids going to Washington to learn how to lobby our legislators, I will again attempt to explain my objections. First, I will say that my kids were "Navy brats." We moved 58 times in 21 years... actually that was 58 times in 17 years because after that I no longer had to keep track of everyone's whereabouts at all times in order to fill out the 3-inch documentation for security clearances. Navy pay was poor. If I didn't work, our family was qualified for welfare, free lunches, etc., etc. So I worked. I remember counting pennies and mapping out routes to drive to work that would save the most gas. I got angry and discouraged if the kids helped themselves to an extra snack because that meant the food wouldn't last until the end of the month. And keeping the kids current in school work was extremely difficult. That's enough of that.

What I object to is that these kids are being sent to a SELF-PROFESSED MILITANT COMMUNIST-FOUNDED school at taxpayer expense where the school admits to "following" them for at least a year. Actually, they follow specific ones longer and they wind up in our government. I don't understand why ECISD doesn't clearly see my objection to this. I also object to training kids who may or may not be illegal immigrants in how to manipulate our legislators. This is another arm of the pro-amnesty group's attempts to use children to push legislation... just like when they brought out little bitty kids to march in the streets with signs that said, "Don't take my mommy." And this, while I had to explain who Nancy Pelosi is to my grandson the other day and he is 19! Now explain to me why these kids are getting explicit instructions in our government and a senior doesn't even know who Pelosi is.

The plight of migrant kids is deplorable. And they should have people who watch over them, as every kid should. But they have 1700...uh, now 1701 with Una Voz Unida... that are lobbying extensively with the help of federal grants. Oh. Una Voz Unida has not obtained its 501c3 status YET.

I commend the OA's efforts in the illegal immigration area. You've come a long way since several years ago when you presented only the illegal immigrant's side. There's a lot that needs to be done about illegal immigration and it's an entirely uphill battle what with propaganda coming out of Mexico directly. But the SPP is alive and well and remains illegal itself since bills to authorize it have not made it out of Congress. This is the reason I fight illegal immigration so hard. You'll have to cover that if you want to understand why an old Navy woman who took the oath to protect and defend this country is so against illegal immigration. You'll have to cover NAFTA and its effects on Mexico and the U.S. Learn that, then dare to call me a xenophobe.

1/26/2010 8:39 AM CST on oaoa.com
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I put this in as a comment to the article and then I sent it in as a Letter to the Editor. I see I complimented them too soon on their progress in the area of illegal immigration...


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Faye said...

The OA did finally print the letter.