Wednesday, April 23, 2008


We might want to "encourage" and provide contact info for everyone to send e-mails, letters or calls to Dewhurst about the ads and question why they are not doing more to clean up this mess in our state. Why are they just now speaking out??? Following is an e-mail I sent to Dewhurst. I was only going to write a "thank you" note.....but as carried away once I got started:


Lt.Gov. Dewhurst:
I want to commend you on your recent TV ads concerning illegal immigration issues...and your comments that the "federal government is not taking care of its business." It's about time that we were hearing from our leaders in Austin on these issues! It is way overdue!!!

That said...we need to see a lot more action on the part of our TX legislators in "closing our TX border" and "closing down the sanctuary cities" all over TX. We have seen what our federal government is doing about it...NOTHING!!!

You can spend millions of dollars on cameras and sensors...but cameras and sensors will not "catch" illegals sneaking across our TX border. I have been to the TX border and the majority of the people coming across our borders are not the kind of people who will assimilate...they are moving in and bringing their third-world ways with them!! They are changing the U.S. to conform to their third-world ways with their language and culture!!

"Encouraging" TX businesses to use the E-Verify government program...and providing funds for training local law enforcement through the 287(g) government program will go a long way in helping to slow down the invasion of our state. Other states are training their law enforcement...but WHERE IS TX???

Our W.TX sheriffs and law enforcement need a "drug task force" to shut down the major drug route and distribution of drugs through our W.TX area. Our local leaders refuse to acknowledge that we have any problems...they are "looking the other way" and waiting on the federal government to "take care of business!" Will you spend some of the millions of dollars allocated for border security to establish a drug task force for W.TX???

Because the TX border is wide open...other states are being forced to defend their states by passing bills to get the illegals to leave and/or stop coming in. TX is on the frontline of this out-of-control invasion of illegal aliens...but not doing its part to stop it!

There are a lot of TX citizens who have been trying to convince TX leaders to "do its job of defending our TX border"....but no one appears to be listening!! Why???

Thank you again for finally "stepping up"...but please do "a lot more"...before it's too late. Our state is sinking under the weight of millions of illegals draining our welfare benefits, education system and medical facilities. Has it ever occurred to anyone in Austin that a lot of the state's problems stem from the millions of illegals who are draining our economy and benefiting financially more than TX taxpayers expense???

Thousands of "anchor" babies are being born every day into illegal families who are taking advantage of our free education system, food stamps and medical facilities without paying into them. Is this fair to the children of American citizens???

Billions of dollars are being spent on bilingual education to accommodate a majority of children who will not complete their education. If you want to know who the dropouts are in our schools...look at the students who are coming across our borders or being born into illegal families! These families are not in the U.S. to assimilate...they are here "demanding" rights that are not legally or rightfully theirs to receive! They are breaking laws that U.S. citizens are not allowed to break!!

Our TX cities are being overrun by millions of illegal aliens...who are demanding their "illegal" rights, culture, history and language! I was born in TX...and in all of my many years as a citizen of TX...I have never seen it as bad as it is now!!! We need HELP...NOW!!!

Your response to this e-mail as to what TX legislators plan to do about these issues will be greatly appreciated. We need something done NOW...NOT LATER!!!

Contact David Dewhurst

The articles under "features" on the Dewhurst site are interesting. Seems he also has a problem with TXDOT. And you can learn about the funding for removing all those children and women from the compound in El Dorado -- Faye

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Ed said...

Excellent letter, Pat. I've been looking at Dewhurst. Haven't made up my mind yet. He seems to be part of the Perry gang so I don't trust these advertisements of his.