Friday, December 7, 2007


An organizational/planning meeting was held November 27, 2007, at the home of Kenneth and Faye Hall in Odessa. Many of our concerns were addressed, such as illegal immigration and the changes that are occurring due to the progress of the Security and Prosperity Partnership; bills in both our federal and state Congresses; ideas, plans, and tools to use in presenting our case before local, state, and federal leaders and media. Here's the results of that meeting.

  • Two chapters were formed. Faye Hall heads up the Odessa chapter; Pat Kennedy heads up the Midland chapter. We have contacted people in other areas who might participate in heading up additional chapters in other cities, but we have not yet heard back from them.
  • We are trying to bring the movie, "Border," to town to be shown at the Ector Theatre sometime in the Spring. Pat has contacted the producer of the movie, Chris Burgard, who is touring the United States showing the movie. Border presents both sides of the illegal immigration story, and although it promotes no solutions to the problems, gives a good account of a lot that is involved. We will be approaching various organizations and individuals for sponsorship soon. Here's a link to a trailer if you would like to preview the movie. "Border"
  • We determined that many people are concerned and have good ideas about actually doing something, but once the ideas are voiced, they just go into the neatherlands and nothing is ever done. We determined to write the ideas down and find ways to put the ideas into action.
  • Pat Kennedy presented a notebook chuck full of illegal immigration information that she has used to approach Midland officials. Faye is working to put a similar book together for Odessa.
  • Building a website and creating a newsletter were discussed. Here is the website. Let us know what you think about it. It can also be used as a newsletter so that it can be mailed to those who have no access to computers. I'm going to activate comments on this blog, but they will be held for moderation. I believe this will give us more exposure and participation, but I don't believe we want to be exposed to some of the vitrol that can be expressed on blogs. This blog can be opened up for other authors. There are several of you out there that I hope will contribute. E-mail me at or call at 550-2133 if you would like to be on the contributor list and I'll be glad to add your name and open access to this site. I'll need a user name you'd like to use and a password you'd like to use (at least 8 characters).
  • We are also working up presentations to give to various organizations. We have completed a presentation on voter fraud and are currently working on the Mexican consulates involvement in our schools and government, and the tremendous impact of the Mexican drug industry coming across our border. If you have any subjects you would like presented or want to want on any of these, let me know at
  • -- Faye

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