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One of the things we had determined to do is to support those who voice an opinion with which we agree such as letters to the editor. Stacy Wright presented us with an opportunity to do so and I discovered another avenue to voice our opinions in that The Odessa American has added this comment feature to its on-line publication. His letter to the editor was published in the Odessa American and several of us wrote in comments and submitted our own letters to the editor. Here's Stacy's letter.

Open borders abound

2007-11-30 08:47:00

Re: In Our View Nov. 18.

It appears “We the People” can count the OA firmly on the side of open border advocates together with corporate.

All countries have borders for good reasons, one of which is to protect citizens from invasion or any type of harm. We are Americans with a binding language and a binding culture. The invading flood of illegal aliens, consisting mainly of people from Mexico, come with no intention of becoming Americans, but to take advantage of our governments alliance with corporate. This alliance has stagnated and cut wages and benefits to citizens, while increasing the average citizens’ tax burdens.

Further proof the OA has allied with corporate is the statement, “Actual employers know how many workers are ‘needed.’” The employers and government are responsible for the vast, by some estimates 20 million illegal aliens now residing in our country driving down standards of living and increasing taxes on middle and lower class working citizens.

If corporate can replace one citizen with two to three illegal aliens or legal aliens, it will do so. The proof is the present 20 million illegal aliens.

And this does not count the millions of legal immigrants corporate got over the years or the millions that have become citizens. Yes, corporate will do a fine job determining how many new “cheaper” paid immigrants it wants, so as to cut wages and benefits to American citizens.

The OA goes on to say, “If human rights are universal, the right to decide where one wants to live and move there through one’s own resources doesn’t belong only to those born in America.”

First off, Americans do not have the universal right to move and live where they please. The OA would do well to remember the words “We the People” and how the vast majority polled said “we” want less legal immigration, no illegal immigration, punishment for employers of illegal aliens and enforcement of our laws and borders.

America has been a great nation named the United States of America, but how long will “united” be the case as millions upon millions are allowed and encouraged by corporate and the government to subvert our laws and ignore our borders?

What good are laws when the rich and powerful are allowed to ignore them as they please? How long will it be before America becomes another third world Banana Republic?

At the present time, the 20 million illegal aliens together with a few legal immigrants, are trying to subvert our unifying language and culture and replace it with their own.

These invading illegal aliens need to stay in their own country and change it instead of trying to make our country into theirs, with taxpayer benefits.

We owe it to our ancestors who fought and died for “our” country and future generations not to give our country away to corporate open border advocates, and those who broke our laws to get here and then demanded we do things their way.

Now to another article, “Perry finds $3 million for border cameras” published Nov. 19. I find it laughable that Gov. Rick Perry rewards illegal aliens with our in-state tuition tax dollars and bumps our own citizens out of the chance to attend college while pretending to be against illegal immigration. Perry is just as open borders as most Democrats and some Republicans in Congress, together with the ACLU.

The other statement that is also just as ludicrous, regarding cameras on the border, “Lawmakers felt unanimous that immigration is a federal issue,” state Sen. Eliot Shapleigh, D-El Paso, said. “Why burden local and state taxpayers with a federal obligation?” It seems Sen. Shapleigh is unaware that the local and state taxpayers are the ones burdened to pay for illegal aliens’ education, health care and other expenses, not the federal government.

Stacy Wright

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