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What is Sustainable Development?
“Sustainable Development” is the UN Agenda 21 “Plan For The 21st Century”
It is the UN plan to manage and control ALL human activity under Marxist/socialist principles.
Re-distribution of wealth is a built in feature of it.
In practicality, it is a direct economic attack on the United States.
In fact, Maurice Strong was the Chair of the 1992 U.N. Earth Summit in Rio where Agenda 21 was introduced. He made the intent clear when he was quoted saying that it was their responsibility to bring about the collapse of the industrialized countries.
It has been incorporated into federal policy with a series of Executive Orders starting with #12982 in 1994 and continuing this year with more creating the Rural and Ocean Council’s.
It is the primary reason that we can’t meet our energy needs with production from our vast natural resources whether it be petroleum, coal or timber.
It is the reason that the vital Keystone Pipeline project is being opposed.
It is the reason we export almost a trillion dollars annually buying imported oil when we have proven reserves totaling more than all the mid-east countries combined.
It is the reason American’s are exhorted to cut back energy use to 1990′s levels further crippling the economy while China and other countries are exempt. All based on a fraudulent premise put forth by the U.N. IPCC.
It is the reason that over 600 local governments in the U.S. are dues paying members of ICLEI which directs the local implementation of Agenda 21 and other U.N. policies that Congress never approved. (see:
It is the reason that the Secretary of Transportation announced that promoting motorized transportation is no longer their priority.
It is the reason that our seafood production is severely restricted with only limited access allowed to abundant marine resources.
It is the reason that some of the most productive areas of the oceans around the coast are being closed off in “Marine Protected Areas”
It is the reason that NOAA Director, Dr. Jane Lubchenco has made implementing the Agenda 21, Catch Share allocation system in every American fishery a top priority. In New England and Florida the results are American fishermen out of work and the Governor of Massachusetts declaring an economic disaster with a request for $21 million in federal aid.
Dr. Lubchenco’s response was asking for $54 million in additional funds to expand the program.
It is a primary reason that we import 84% of our seafood and export (re-distribute) nearly $11 billion to foreign countries like China and Vietnam in a seafood trade deficit.
It is the reason that our manufacturing base has been moved to foreign countries starting with NAFTA which had the goal of “promoting Sustainable Development”.
It is the reason that the Federal, State and local governments have been buying land in an effort to create the “system of protected areas” called for in the un-ratified U.N. Agenda 21 treaty.
It is the reason the U.S. Senate refused to even vote on the treaty when maps of The Wildlands Project were displayed on the floor of the Senate. The stated goal is “50% of the land in Core Wilderness areas with little or no human use” interconnected with Wildlife Corridors surrounded with Buffer Zones.
It is the reason that Volusia County, Florida now owns approximately 40% of the land in the County creating a “Conservation Corridor”.
When you put it all together it is a primary reason for the collapse of the American economy just as U.N. official, Maurice Strong wanted in 1993 when it all started.
Now, what are we going to do about it?   ~Lordhawke


Lordhawke said...

Some of you are wondering who is this Maurice Strong? I'll toss a tid-bit your way:
Mr. Maurice Strong serves as Senior Advisor to both the Secretary-General of the United Nations and to the President of the World Bank. He is also Director of the World Economic Forum Foundation, Chairman of the Stockholm Environment Institute and of the Earth Council. Since 1999 he has been President and Rector of the United Nations University for Peace (Universidad para la Paz) in Costa Rica.
You might also be interested to know he is currently hiding out in China because he's wanted in connection with the "Oil for Food" UN scandel; his bio is long and dirty! ~Lordhawke

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