Saturday, October 8, 2011

Big Union; Big Power Play

Once upon a time in America...organized labor unions were a good thing; they brought us a 40 hr work week, protected children from unethical labor practices, and on and on.  Now, however, they appear to have been taken over by greedy union "bosses" and socialists; read what Mark Mix has to say:

"Once again, it's all about power.

Big Labor has seized on the so-called "Occupy Wall Street" protests to push for more power over American workers and the economy.

"The challenge is, how do you transfer protest into power?" asked one Communications Workers of America (CWA) union boss, sensing an opportunity to turn up class warfare against job providers and force more workers into dues-paying ranks.

You see, despite the early media reports, "Occupy Wall Street" isn't just a reaction against the bank bailouts.

It's looking more and more like yet another excuse to demand bigger government, more spending, and higher taxes.
No wonder Big Labor is so eager to bus in protestors and subsidize the rallies -- all paid for by forced dues
For instance, union officials are using the protests as the next phase in their corporate campaign against Verizon.

You may remember the recent ugly strike -- with hundreds of reports of sabotage and vandalism. Phone lines were cut, denying service to Verizon customers. Independent workers were subjected to harassment and even violence.

Now CWA union officials and "Occupiers" are working together on a boycott against Verizon products and services until Verizon gives in to the union hierarchy's demands.

Meanwhile, one widely circulated list of Occupiers' demands includes the Card Check Forced Unionism Bill

As you may recall, that legislation would eliminate the secret ballot in workplace unionization drives and open workers up to harassment and intimidation by aggressive union organizers.

If the "Occupy Wall Street" protesters were truly concerned with special privileges and bailouts for a select few, they'd look no further than at their new allies at Big Labor.

Big Labor has received its own bailouts and sweetheart deals courtesy of the Obama Administration. The auto bailout, ObamaCare, and so-called "stimulus" all lined union-boss coffers.

Union bosses enjoy special privileges afforded to no other Americans, including the ability to seize dues or "fees" from unwilling workers and exemption from federal prosecution for acts of violence committed in the so-called "pursuit of legitimate union objectives."

(This is nothing short of "legalized crime")~Lordhawke

Big Labor's special privileges could prove to be even more destructive should the "Occupy Wall Street" protests turn violent.

Protest, of course, is a fundamental exercise of First Amendment rights to speech and association.
Let us not forget that compulsory unionism violates those very same principles."        Mark Mix

As a side note, I saw the beginnings of this type of activity in 1959 (or 1960), when my Dad was Security Chief of Police at Kennecott Copper Corp. Chino Mines Division, and he and his men had to patrol company property for several long days during the Mine-Mill strike, to make sure nothing untoward happened to Kennecott property.  Some of the union leaders seemed to be trying to stir up trouble by driving through the mining district towns with a pick-up truck mounted with a loudspeaker, broadcasting union propaganda, even though at that time, New Mexico was (and still is, I believe) a "right to work" State.  ~Lordhawke

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