Sunday, September 11, 2011

We missed the party N.G.O. 64th annual conference training/party to further implement agenda 21 sustainable development

Some of you might have this information but am sending just in case you don’t.


Any C.O.G., example North Central Texas Council of Governments, and I.C.L.E.I., International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives, usually are in attendance to the annual training sessions.

N.G.O.s from around the world attend to learn advancement, mostly their own personal advancement…(after all, they do receive a hefty paycheck), in getting citizens on board to volunteer for the implementation of global governance, of course they, volunteers, don’t know the real reason. Look at the cost of membership..peanuts to what this organization makes on a daily basis. Fort Worth for their membership, paid N.C.T.C.O.G. close to $75,000.00 to be a member of their organization for 2011. This is just the price to be a member locally ; this does not include impact studies, plans, soft ware and other programs. You can do the math…I wonder what Irving, Dallas, Arlington have paid to N.C.T.C.O.G.. There are other N.G.O.s by other names in other areas of Texas and the United States…they all have the same goal in mind, same plans for infrastructure concerning our water, resources, roads, lifestyle, living accommodations. Conformity in lifestyle, infrastructure to bring about global equality.

Corporations,..G.E., PepsiCo, for two examples, big business has jumped on board because of tax incentives, tax breaks, federal grants, Private, Public, Partnerships, see this link to sell big corporations on the idea of greening, global warming and sustainable development, smart growth, economic development


Below is the link to members and the Executive Board members

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