Saturday, September 10, 2011

How much more will we take?

Greetings Americans;
Well, I must admit, I'm flabbergasted by these videos!  I'm pretty sure our Founders would not have put up with this kind of absolute CRAP!  Our government has gone completely over the edge of sanity by attempting this!  It seems to me our so-called representatives in federal government are ignoring everything we tell them we need, except welfare, of course. 
I submit that our representatives have fallen for the international money masters siren song, and are going to do what ever big money tells them to do, and to hell with what "We, the People" are trying to get them to do: HONOR YOUR OATH OF OFFICE! 
Things are progressing at such a rapid rate, that it's hard to try and keep up with it all.


We must not allow these TRAITORS in government to institute AGENDA 21;  we must not allow these TRAITORS to tell us what we may eat, where we may live, what we must drive, and where we may go or not go. 

If Dictator Obama is allowed to make and ratify the Small Arms Treaty now before the United Nations, we will lose our "Liberty Teeth"; our firearms, the means to tell the usurpers NO!  If Dictator Obama can make an "end run" around Congress and "enact" laws by executive fiat, such as his "back door" amnesty; that "We the People" have decried loudly not to do, the American SouthWest will be forfeit!  If we allow Dictator Obama to force us into his UNCONSTITUTIONAL healthcare plan, "We, the People" will be in such debt as to be forever slaves to that debt!

It is PAST time to demand an end to the Federal Reserve System and ALL central banks, and return to Congress the power to print and coin our own DEBT FREE CURRENCY!  "We, the People" must demand our government put an end to our involvement in the United Nations, and deport that organization to some other country.  "We, the People" must demand that our Armed Forces are removed from ALL foreign nations and their petty wars and squabbles!  "We, the People" of the united States of America, must, at all costs, secure our own borders, and let the rest of the world take care of itself!

Last, but most assuredly NOT least, "We, the People" must remove from power, those who would "sell America down the river" to foreign banks and money men;  these people are nothing less than TRAITORS, and should be dealt with and treated like TRAITORS!    ~Lordhawke

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