Saturday, August 20, 2011

Words of Freedom, if only we will take them to heart!

I have found Mr. Jack Venrick to be a very wise and well-read man; his tenets are those most desperately needed, and yet lacking, in our elected representatives in all three branches of government!  Please go to his website and become "educated".  ~Lordhawke

"The incorporation of cities and towns by special act of the legislature has, in many instances, proven to be a fountain of evil in the states where it prevails. There is no branch of government more completely adapted to the purposes of those who make the filthiest a trade than the manipulation of city charters, where their enactment is controlled by special laws." The Origin of The Constitution of The State of Washington, by Lebbeus J. Knapp, page 16. This report was prepared as a thesis for the Master of Arts degree in the University of Washington. The debates and proceedings of the convention were never published. Mr. Knapp gleaned information from survivors of the convention and newspapers of that day.

The natural born Citizens did NOT give the politicians, lawyers or bankers any power.  The national, state, county and city appointed executives, their lawyers and bankers bestowed this power upon themselves for their own power and profit with the necessary use of  manipulated charters (corporate bylaws) and manipulated “votes” of a few.  The vast majority knew no difference.

 The politicians and lawyers wrote up their own charters and signed it themselves. Relative few Citizens understood, agreed or signed these parchments.  Did you or your ancestors sign any of these charters, of course not! Lysander Spooner saw this in the mid 1800’s.

The dark side of municipal corporations have not only "exceeded their power by very far", they have fabricated absurdities and atrocities against property and business owners which rightfully ONLY apply to the employees of the municipal corporations themselves. This trick is the shell game used throughout the state constitutional conventions.

The political and legal elites shifted power from the individual natural born state Citizens to themselves by creating their own charters giving legal fiction faux power to a network of municipal corporations with the equivalent of “Divine Rights of Kings”.   This is strictly forbidden in the Laws of Nature and Nature’s God, the Declaration of Independence and the action and success of the American Revolution. The organization structure of municipalities is long out of date and debased on oppression and the “divine right of kings”. 

True and honest Constitutional Republics or Consolidated Republics, prevent and severely punish this empire building. Again, we see the lineage of British monarchy feudal tyranny threading through American founding charters.  This negative heritage was NOT severed after the success of the American Revolution in the Battle of Yorktown in October 19, 1781.

“Therefore the very idea of a lawmaking government --- a government that is to make laws of its own invention --- is necessarily in direct and inevitable conflict with "our liberty." In fact, the whole, sole, and only real purpose of any lawmaking government whatever is to take from some one or more persons their "liberty." Consequently the only way in which all men can preserve their "liberty," is not to have any lawmaking government at all.” Lysander Spooner

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