Monday, August 22, 2011

Meeting of Permian Basin Republican Association

Saturday, August 27, 2011
9 am -- Noon

Permian Basin Republican Assembly Workshop for Members
Anyone Who Might Want To Be a Member Someday!

Midland Memorial West Campus -- East Entrance
Classroom 1 -- Next to Gift Shop--Our usual meeting place!
Do more than improve your knowledge;
help make America great again!


$15 individual / $25 husband & wife

Come on Saturday and just help with some small part of what this organization was founded to do. We cannot do it all--so, we will determine 2 or 3 issues we want to focus on right now with our 25 members. You can work on one of those or you can attend council or commissioners meetings or you can write Letters to the Editor or you can create a website for us or manage our FB page or help with a speaker. All of you are needed whether you have a little time or a lot. Come on Saturday and pick out your job and help us work to make America great again.

MEMBERSHIP NOT REQUIRED, but if you are interested, I am attaching an Application for Membership.

If you live in the Permian Basin, come and learn and we'll help you start your own group in your community!

Joyce Petrich

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