Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Lawmaker Wants Investigation Into Administration's New Deportation Policy

Tuesday, August 23, 2011 at 10:57AM


Rep. Candice Miller (R-Mich.) says she will hold hearings into whether the Obama administration’s new deportation policy violates the Constitution.

In a statement, Miller, who chairs a key House border security subcommittee, declared that the new policy, in which the administration will focus deportation efforts on illegal immigrants with criminal backgrounds over other illegals, “is nothing more than an administrative amnesty; one that ignores our laws and provides a pass to the countless individuals who are in the nation illegally.”

Arizona Governor Jan Brewer (R), who last year signed one of the toughest illegal immigration laws in the nation, also referred to the plan as “backdoor amnesty.”

Miller said that the administration’s decision breaks a promise made last year by Department of Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano, who said at the time that her agency would not “grant deferred action or humanitarian parole to the Nation’s entire illegal immigrant population or large classes of such population.”

Here’s Miller’s reaction to that statement:

“The policy announced by DHS last week and the explanation Secretary Napolitano made in her response one year ago clearly conflict. It once again seems clear that this Administration fully intends to travel down the road of amnesty which has failed in the past to stop the flow of illegal immigration and made our borders less secure. I believe that this action could pose an imminent threat to our efforts to gain operational control of our borders and requires vigorous oversight. The Administration should be put on notice that I intend to call a hearing in the very near future to exercise the appropriate oversight function of Congress and to make certain we are doing everything in our power to enforce the laws and secure our borders.”



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