Thursday, August 11, 2011

How to Find Out How They Voted

Great newsletter. Gets better each time. You need to hook up with some of those national sponsors and get paid some $$$$ for it.

Do you know how Conway, Cronin, and Kay Bailey voted on the default bill last week? Can not find it in any of the area newspapers. Do not know any web sites to look it up.  ~via e-mail from retroranger

Here's a couple of interesting sites I found on the Congressional Record. Don't let me forget about them should something crop up we need the info contained.  This is important because of the games they play; i.e., if they vote to bring cloture to a bill to bring it to the floor for a final vote, they've effectively voted FOR the bill, then to cover their butts, they vote NO on the actual bill.  Kay Bailey Hutchison does this so that she comes across as representing the wishes of conservative Texans while actually promoting extreme liberalism.  They also use this tactic to protect new or weak legislators from facing the wrath of their constituents when passing unpopular legislation.

Then, here's how they each voted.


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