Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Call to Action from Voices Empower

I need your help.

Call to Action – Aggregate and Disseminate the “No Pledge To Joe Straus” Video

Please help us get this video out through Facebook, Twitter, e-mail and anyway that you communicate with your sphere of influence. And don't just do it once. Help us get the video to go Viral!! Also it helps if you are signed into youtube and you take the time to comment. Comments gives it higher ranking in google juice. So help us get that juice flowing!!

Nothing speaks louder than numbers of potential voters for your opponent in the primary, so that is what our goal is. Huge amounts of hits on this video.

Don't forget to listen in at 5:05 on the Jon-David Wells AM 660 KSKY which we will be discussing the release of the Women On The Wall.org ”No Pledge To Joe Straus” video.

Blessings are abundant but we must continue to work daily to keep it that way!!

Alice Linahan
Voices Empower
Clear. Concise. Communication.

Here's a link to e-mail Tryon Lewis, Texas Representative for District 81.

If you're not in District 81 or don't know what district you're in, go here.
~ Faye


Faye said...

Ok. I put it on here, on facebook, and commented on You Tube.

Faye said...

Yaaaaa. I guess I need to send it out, too.