Friday, July 22, 2011

Well, I'm shocked...Look who sent me an e-mail

From: david levin
Sent: 2011-07-20 22:01
Subject: Re: Hi Faye-Bravo!

Hi Faye,

Dave Levine, host of The Dave Levine Show, here. Great to see you oppose HR 2164! I'm very disappointed in "Peter Morrison"'s position on this. But, so it goes.

I'm trying to get anti-HR 2164 folks together to pressure those Conservative Congressmen who are lining up behind it to pull their support. There are probably more of them than the following:

Rep. Sensenbrenner
Rep. Coble
Rep. Gallegly
Rep. Goodlatte
Rep. Lungren
Rep. Issa
Rep. Pence
Rep. Steve King
Rep. Gohmert
Rep. Jordan
Rep. Poe
Rep. Chaffetz
Rep. Griffin
Rep. Marino
Rep. Gowdy
Rep. Ross
Rep. Adams
Rep. Quayle
Rep. Hunter
Rep. Westmoreland
Rep. Roe
Rep. Jones
Rep. West

The ones in red are the Co-Sponsors. Most discouraging is Rep. Walter B. Jones. Also, Rep. McClintock isn't taking a position which means he'll probably support it. These Congressmen know that angering the Tea Partiers could cost them votes next year. McClintock had to have a recount last November and barely squeaked by.

My FB page is very active on this under "Dave Levine". See you there, I hope! I have many friends in Texas, particularly in Austin.

Keep up those great posts! You're right on the money! Don't forget to tell folks who may not know about Kris Kobach's excellent speech before the Missouri Eagle Forum on June 22nd at

Dave/The Dave Levine Show

Here's the link for the pertinent area on his regular blog:

Well, I couldn't find his facebook page right off...don't have time today.  But this is really interesting.  I was getting depressed about Lamar Smith and this bill.  We may have a chance of fighting this bill after all. ~Faye

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