Sunday, July 3, 2011

TC Wants Cindy Weir-Nutter as DA

Place for comments regarding Cindy Weir-Nutter.  Here's tc's feelings on the subject.


3:48 PM on July 3, 2011

I know Faye, that's why I would like to see Cindy run. She has more honesty,integrity, and the will to do "what is right", than ANY other public servant we have. Why should we waste such a valuable person to our community, to handle misdemeanors when we need someone BAD to properly handle felonies? Cindy is a rarity, she still looks at lady justice with the blindfold still on, from a level standpoint, NOT a political standpoint.


Tincup56 said...

Citizens of Odessa deserve to have a district attorney who will run the office with dignity and fairness. One who will prosecute violators regardless of their community standing, like we are experiencing now with the Jan Brown case, where the present District attorney Bobby Bland refuses to file felony charges against Brown for theft of over 9,000 dollars and tampering with government documents. This behavior is unacceptable and the only solution I see is replacing him. I firmly believe Cindy Weir-Nutter is the person for that job.

Faye said...


5:53 PM on July 8, 2011

Well the story has been pulled from the most commented and hidden away in the archives, Looks like it has now been officially filed as "Dirt under the carpet" in the ivory tower. The people of Odessa are not going to forget, There's an election coming around next year for District attorney, And a lot of people are going to remember just how Bobby Bland gave Jan Brown a get out of jail free card, and it is going to cost him his job.

Anonymous said...

How about this for honesty and integrity and hard work as a prosecutor:

Convictions per year (average) by the previous county attorney administration:


Cindy Weir-Nutter's administration:

3428.25 That is an average of 653 fewer convictions per year!!!

Dismissals per year (average) by the previous county attorney administration:


Cindy Weir-Nutter's administration:

2123 That comes to 753 MORE dismissals per year on average!!!

How about the FACT that her entire office has had 3 trials in the 2 and 1/2 years she has been the County Attorney. The previous County Attorney administration averaged more than 12 a year.

Please have SOME facts to fall back on before posting.

Faye said...

Facts are good. Know anything about all those boxes of unprosecuted cases supposedly left for Cindy? It sounded like a mess.

Anonymous said...

Ok ...

Let us compare JUST the first 2 years and 5 months for Cindy's administration with Cathy's administration...


Cathy's first 2years and 5months:


Cindy's first 2years and 5months:

8,285 That is 2,501 less. A staggering number no matter how big a mess is left!


Cathy's first 2years and 5months:


Cindy's first 2years and 5months:

5,130 That is 1,810 more dismissals. An even more staggering number!

And what say you about the fact that they have only tried 3 cases? The DA's office tries that in 1 week sometimes. Heck, one of the Prosecutors from the DA's office tried 2 in 1 week just 2 week's back.

And here is another number to think about:

Bond forfeitures:

Tracy Bright's (Scown) last 4 years in office:

825 bond forfeitures

Cathy Linch's 4 years in office:

282 bond forfeitures (a really horrible number)

Cindy Nutter's first 2years and 5months:

24 bond forfeitures

That is money NOT in the taxpayer's pockets!!!

Please, find out how many cases she tried as an Assistant DA. Let me give you a hint: it was less than what her office has tried in her 2 1/2 years as County Attorney.

I also would advise you to look into her spending of the hot check fund as well. Just use an open records request if you are really interested. The numbers are STAGGERING!!!!!

Faye said...

On the To Do List. One of the problems involved with our election process is that people have only the name-recognition factor and usually only the short statements in the paper to base their decisions on. Most don't go to the debates. I hope the OA and Midland Reporter do the video-taping of the debates again. But voters need to know what's been going on in our government and they need real info to make the decisions they have to make if we are ever going to succeed in turning things around. I'm thinking of Buddy West. The last time he ran, I ran across the you tube video of our state legislature voting for each other. Someone picked it up and it spread. Whether that had any impact on Tryon's being elected, I have no idea. I asked Buddy to reply to the posting of that video and he declined, saying that he had already addressed it when it was first put out. I felt that was an error on his part, but that was what he chose. Then, I really felt bad when he died, but he was pretty sick when he chose to run. Buddy was a good man, but he was part of the Good Ole Boy system.

CindyWeirNutter said...

The post by "anonymous" is just odd, and I think most people would already know that. But just to make sure, I invited Faye to come by my office to look at actual documents and respond in an entirely unbiased way, and she kindly agreed. Really, if this is the best someone can do in criticizing my office, I am actually pretty pleased. And even these will be easily disproved. Looking forward to it!

Anonymous said...

These numbers are accurate. They came from the County Clerk's office. A little hard to deny them. Everyone in the Courthouse and Law Enforcement are aware of them. They are not happy.

Lawdog said...

Parts of your "facts" that I do know about, I know are not true. Which makes me doubt the rest of them. If anyone wants to know how law enforcement feels, ask any of us. Or ask any of the people at the courthouse, SO, or OPD. You will hear basically what tincup56 has said. Except maybe one or two people in the DA's office LOL.

Anonymous said...

Please point to the specific numbers which are incorrect. Again, those numbers came directly from the County Clerk. They are not manipulated in any way. They are up-to-date as of May 31st, except I added the 3rd trial they had in June. These numbers are available to the public. I challenge anyone to look at them.

Jerry Mack said...

Why anonymous? Must be a reason. I can't vote because I am in Midland County, but she has gone way beyond the call of duty and Odessa knows that. She doesn't need to elaborate. Jerry Creech