Saturday, July 16, 2011

Race, War and other Red Herrings

Something I find very sad, is the fact that the so-called minorities and their leaders, are being manipulated by someone, or something that wishes to remain anonymous, who I will "expose" in a moment.

In short, these folks are puppets or "sheeple", being herded towards an objective that is unknown to them. I believe that object is the destruction of America and her sovereignty, along with every other country in the world!

If the manipulators can keep the different "races" at eachother's throats, and oblivious to what is really going on, then they will win the game!

This is such a HUGE manipulation, it seems to be a global phenomenon that trickles down all the way to "the common people".

Whether he knows it or not, Mr. Leal is being manipulated by the organizations he associates with; they, in turn, are being manipulated by globalists; and these same globalists are being manipulated by those who control the financial aspects of the world.

It is this "herd" mentality that causes us to group people into districts, or precincts that are beneficial to special interest groups with an agenda.

Before anyone claims this to be "conspiracy theory", it is not! It is being done openly by politicians (who are being manipulated also) in ALL the "hallowed halls" of government, worldwide!

This manipulation is successful, because we, the people are having our attention directed elsewhere. To wit: the "race" (sic) issue; the various "wars" we are involved in, and etc. The list of "Red Herrings" is almost endless, and it is insidious in its intent!

It becomes IMPERATIVE that "We, the People" must educate ourselves, and become actively involved in our political system, and "root out" those with special agendas, those who are simply power or money hungry, and those who would be the first Dictator of Amerika!


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