Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Paul Streitz Speaks Out on Lamar Smith's HR 2164

From Comprehensive Immigration Reduction

"Bay Buchanan

"The Chamber's (Chamber of Commerce) "death pill is to use the doctrine of "federal-pre-emption" to prohibit individual statess like Alabama and Arizona from enforcing their own tough laws."

If this bill passes we lose everything we've won--everything--and we return to a system where we hope the federal government will do its job...and we know how well that works! The bill will enpower only the federal government to police employment of illegal aliens--states will be prohibited for doing so!!"

Letter July 5, 2011

.VDare.com writes "Beck writes that he shared the above concerns, but “the history of E-Verify leads us to believe that this law will be different. The fact is that over a quarter of a million employers have already chosen to use E-Verify voluntarily, with another 1,300 joining each week. Once all employers are required to use it, we believe that the vast majority of employers will, because they actually want to obey the law, especially if it is easy.”

It seems to me that Beck misses the economic issues and does not understand functioning businesses.  Self-employed American contractors did not want to hire illegal workers. They preferred to hire American workers. But a few were willing to hire illegals. They bid on jobs and gave lower prices with the illegal workers. They gained more jobs and the companies using all American workers began to go out of business. Eventually, they all ended up using illegals and there were no American workers.

Passing a law that has no means of enforcement is crazy. Or in Chamber of Commerce Non-Enforcement Bill, it prevents interested parties from enforcing it, is a "poison pill." Bay Buchanan is right on the money.

She further says, that Lou Barletta, Kris Kobach and Russell Pearce have joined with her to defeat this provision and the bill if necessary. Where Tom Tancredo stands on this, I do not know. She does not mention him in this letter. I remember that he endorsed the Chamber's poison pill, but maybe not. If so, he should rethink it and condemn this bill. Better to wait to 2012 and a Republican Congress and Senate.

Paul Streitz
Comprehensive Immigration Reduction


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