Thursday, July 7, 2011

Pat Kennedy Discusses Lamar Smith's HR 2164

As to the item from Kris Kobach....I found that to be very informative and the best explanation of what's going on. If people don't understand that....then they have to be brain dead!!

As to Lamar Smith and his bill actions....I hope that is a case of being tricked into something by the CofC without knowing what he was doing. LaRaza, CofC and other liberals/radicals have been lobbying and hounding Obama and Congress (behind closed doors) the last several years. I have always said our state and federal legislators are isolated in their own little political worlds and have no idea what's going on down here on the borders and across the country. This deal with Smith may prove the truth of that point. I am still wondering if Smith had anything to do with writing the bill...or if his staff did it???

Since the legislators have been so bogged down with Obama, the economy and all of the other Obama messes....I believe they may have been leaving too much up to their staff to take care of. I hope this is the case because I don't want to believe that Smith knowingly did this. If he did know what he was doing....then he needs to go in the next election.

Pat K.

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Faye said...

Yeah, well...I must say I'm getting more than a little tired of fighting like hell to get something passed and then have them gut it. I'm still smarting from...what? 2007? Defeated amnesty once. Took the dang Capitol switchboard down. Spent 5 days phoning, faxing, and e-mailing. No sooner did I sit back in my chair after we got it passed than I got called about the Texas Legislature and the Trans-Texas Corridor and I spent another 2 days phoning, faxing, and e-mailing. Got that passed. Phoned, faxed and e-mailed on the fence bill. Bush signed the fence bill and kinda threw the pen down he was so disgusted. Then Kay Bailey did a deal with the Border Mayors and got a bill passed real fast to gut it. Perry waited til the Texas Legislature went home and then vetoed most of the Trans-Texas bill only putting a 2-year moritorium on it. And then I'll be darned if they didn't submit ANOTHER amnesty bill. What part of "NO!" don't they understand?