Thursday, July 14, 2011

Our Child President gets petulant

Wow! When my kids threw a tantrum like this, they got their little behinds paddled. What should we do with this "child"?

UPDATE:  I got an e-mail regarding the Washington Times being the first to call for Obummer's impeachment.  Since I knew of another prior press release demanding his impeachment, I started checking it out.  I got a message on the Washington Times site that the article had been removed... in big, black, bold lettering.  But that's all another story.  The author of the impeachment story had written several more articles on Obummer.  This one gives more info on His Highness's temper tantrum , if true, but also discusses Mitch McConnell's solution to the debt ceiling crisis (boy, I am totally sick of the crisis management of the Obummer administration) and also calls Obummer on his recent threat to withhold social security checks from seniors.  All I can say is that if Mitch McConnell succeeds in solving this by giving Obummer a blank check until after the 2012 elections, the Republican legislators will need more than the pigs' testicles I suggested we send them.  They're going to need another line of work. ~ Faye

Oh.  And whoever sent me the e-mail didn't just provide the link.  They had copied the entire article... which I will now post. ~

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gunghoman said...

Petulant?!! He kicked the wall. Can we send him to the corner and make him stick his nose to the wall?