Thursday, July 7, 2011

Midland Is Land Banking

I don’t remember if I sent the below to you, look who Midland has partnered with. The below is one reason for the BlueRidge Complex on the loop.
We need to educate our city/county officials what they have signed on for. Bait and Hook technique. Getum with greed.

Need to force them to relocate those apartments that are built on top of the home owners. That was not a mistake. It is happening right here in Fort Worth and most cities in the U.S.

Developers with the help of city officials come in and build in a neighborhood MU1 or MU2, five to ten story units, lower the property value, of the surrounding homes; if unable to sell, the developer along with aid from the government will make an offer of a buyout, taking the homes, they target older neighborhoods because of block grants, revitalization grants and the Reinvestment Act.

What the city does is manipulate the appraisals or rates to favor the new programs. It’s all about increasing the tax base for the city county and state coffers. Please check below the Tarrant Appraisal District on a piece of property bought at auction in Dec. of 2010 and reappraised the same month. The city is land banking. Our city, county, state should not be in competition with its citizens or partnering with big developers/Corporations. Most of all the Federal Government. We are losing our land, water rights and state sovereignty, and these elected officials don’t care…all they care about is the money.

Purpose: Provide multi-faceted career path strategies for those un- and underemployed in four regions through training, certification and apprenticeship programs in green industries.

Project Period: January 29, 2010 – January 28, 2012

Focus Industries: Building Performance; HVAC; Energy-Efficient Building, Construction and Retrofit; Renewable Electric Power (i.e. solar and wind energy); Deconstruction and Materials Reuse

Key National Partners: U.S. Department of Labor, National Association of Regional Councils, ICF Macro, Monster Worldwide,

Key Regional Partners: Central Arizona Association of Governments (Apache Junction, AZ), Miami Valley Regional Planning Commission (Dayton, Ohio), Permian Basin Regional Planning Commission (Midland, Texas), SouthEastern Arizona Governments Organization (Bisbee, AZ

Tarrant Water Dist. Owns over $400 million in property, that does not include what the city owns in its landbank. I am telling you this because you might want to check Midland's records, also Odessa. ~ Georgia Stapleton, 9/12 Project, Lubbock

There's more to Georgia's info she sent, but it doesn't copy to this site well because it contains charts.  If you're interested, send me an e-mail at asking for the rest, and I'll be glad to send it to you.  I know nothing about this but the figures are impressive -- they took a $43,400 piece of property and turned it into $520,800 in one year. ~Faye

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