Sunday, July 24, 2011

MALDEF and MAPA: Hiding behind the Voting Rights Act of 1965?

I'm reasonably certain the Founding Fathers are rolling in their graves. It was certainly NOT their intention that any one racial or cultural group of people should be "Packed" into any area of representation!
This smells so badly of MALDEF, and MAPA that one must wonder if they are not the organizations "pulling the strings" of those who are crying the loudest about "minority" representation!
75% packed into a single district, to make up for those who don't vote?!
If Anglos or Blacks or Native Peoples tried this, the screaming would lift the roof clear off the Ector County Coliseum!
What needs to happen here, is to get people out to VOTE! Get everybody educated about the issues, stop whining about being "victims", "man-up" and get off your lazy duffs and VOTE! I've said this before, and I'll say it 'til I'm dead and gone: WE ARE NOT DIFFERENT RACES OR CULTURES, WE ARE AMERICANS! Let's for God's sake start acting like it!!
When an organization or group starts talking "Reconquista" or revolution of one kind or another, and let's be realistic, it is quite a popular idea with some people throughout the Southwest, trouble will surely follow.
We, as Americans, must learn to separate the truth from someone's agenda of keeping us in a turmoil to further their own personal goals: total control of the people in a given area. This is the worst form of Megalomania. It is at best a form of slavery!
For the length of time that this is a "race-culture" issue, this will continue to be the "fly in the ointment"! I would like to know who the entities are that insist on "stirring the pot" of this "us against them" way of thinking. This is the kind of thinking that will be the down-fall of America.
If we, as Americans, with ALL our different cultural systems, cannot come to see ourselves as Americans first, and cultural diversities second, then we, as a Nation, will cease to exist as a cohesive whole, and break up into a System of Tribes that will achieve NOTHING!
History has already proven that an unassociated group of tribes can be defeated rather easily by a relatively small force of determined people. If we let those who would foment racial-cultural hatred guide us into that mentality, we WILL fall.



Faye said...

We wouldn't have quite so much of a debt problem if we quit funding race-oriented organizations with 501(c)(3) taxpayer funds. They'd still be getting the grants from Soros, Ford Foundation, Carnegie Foundation,etc., etc., etc., etc., etc., etc. but DAMN IT I am finding it extremely offensive to fund them out of MY pocket and then have them invited by Congress to draft bills to destroy America that I have to fight with the aid of just this dang keyboard!!!!

Faye said...

I'm not complaining that Concerned Citizens doesn't get federal or state funds. I choose it to be that way. I choose not to have membership fees. I choose not to accept donations. I choose not to put advertisements on this site. I'm just doing some nitpicking and whinebagging of my own. On second thought, this is not nitpicking nor whinebagging. It's a REBEL YELL at the injustice that is being perpetrated on the American public by our own legislators, our own laws, and the out-of-control effect on us by the ability of organizations to lobby.