Saturday, July 23, 2011

Lamar Smith's HR 2164 E-Verify Bill

Ok.  We've done all the investigating we're going to do on HR 2164 and, thankfully, there is opposition building on Lamar Smith's bill for federally-mandated E-Verify.  Everything we've dug up can be found here.

Here's a list of the representatives supporting it that need to be tuned in to the pre-emptive aspects of this bill.  We want federally-mandated E-Verify, but not at the cost this bill is requiring.  With the historical behavior of Congress, we cannot trust that Congress will amend this bill prior to passage and do not trust them to pass legislation protecting those rights at a later date.

Here's the representatives supporting this bill.  I am totally shocked that Sensenbrenner, Issa, Pence, Steve King, Gohmert, Poe, Hunter, and Jones are supporting this bill.  They know better.  When we're in a big fight about a  bill, we'd be contacting all these representatives by one method or another.

Rep. Sensenbrenner
Rep. Coble  
Rep. Gallegly
Rep. Goodlatte
Rep. Lungren
Rep. Issa
Rep. Pence
Rep. Steve King
Rep. Gohmert
Rep. Jordan
Rep. Poe
Rep. Chaffetz
Rep. Griffin
Rep. Marino
Rep. Gowdy
Rep. Ross
Rep. Adams
Rep. Quayle
Rep. Hunter
Rep. Westmoreland
Rep. Roe
Rep. Jones
Rep. West

Right now, let's see if we can get enough input in to our own legislators to make them stop and question what they're doing.

ALERT: Congressional members e-mail addresses:

Senator John Cornyn

Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison

U.S. Represenative Mike Conaway

My e-mail to them:

Dear Senator/Representative ________________,

I am writing in regards to Lamar Smith's HR 2164, which establishes federally-mandated E-Verify.  Although I have long wanted a federally-mandated E-Verify bill passed in order to help control illegal immigration, I cannot support this bill because of the pre-emptive passages in it.  We cannot gut the Arizona E-Verify bill and undermine states' rights and the 10th Amendment and the Supreme Court ruling in support of Arizona's effort to establish E-Verify.  Should this bill be passed, I feel that it will lead to the usurption of states' rights by the federal government in areas not even connected to illegal immigration.  I am aware of the current efforts to amend the bill to get rid of the pre-emptive passages and of efforts to construct other legislation that would correct the situation.   The bill, unamended to protect states' rights, should never see the light of day.  To pass it to gain E-Verify at all costs will wind up costing us Liberty.


Faye Hall

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