Sunday, July 3, 2011


I personally find the Jan Brown situation appalling.  The information we've received from the articles the Odessa American has published concerning ECISD employees who have supposedly stolen county funds shows blatantly different methods of prosecution by our DA's office and appears to be based entirely on the "Good Old Boy" system.  Jan Brown was, evidently, spared the "lice shower" by our Sheriff's Office and allowed to just hold up a jail uniform for her booking picture while everyone else has had to suffer the indignities and public ridicule it involves.  And there's evidently money missing from the county coffers or mismanaged that is totally being ignored by the DA's office, a whistleblower who may have been fired... all in all very suspect by this Odessa citizen even though I highly value people who are willing to take leadership positions in our community.

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Lordhawke said...

There is a great sickness in this country and it's time "we, the people" stand up and DEMAND a cure! Get rid of ALL the progressives in government, and either hang them with signs around their filthy necks that state "TRAITOR" or deport them to the communist country of their choice! This nation was founded on a strong belief in a Supreme Being (I think the phrase used by the founders was: Grand Architect.) and the notion that a person accepted responsibility for their deeds, right or wrong. It's PAST time for Americans to wake up and get tough on criminals, whether they are elected, nominated to bureaucracies or just little "tinpot" wannabes; anyone who tries to suborn the Constitutional guarantees and the laws (notice I did NOT say statutes, nor presidential directives) should and MUST be tried, convicted and HUNG IN THE PUBLIC SQUARE for treason!!