Saturday, July 16, 2011

Jan Brown set to plea

July 14, 2011 9:47 PM


The embattled former principal of Barbara Jordan Elementary, Jan Brown, is set to plea in connection with an investigation into the school’s funds.

Brown was charged with false report to a peace officer, a class B misdemeanor, after Texas Ranger Brian Burney questioned her about the creation of invoices and purpose for creating the invoices, according to an affidavit.

She was not charged in connection with the monetary discrepancies. Defense attorney Robert White declined to comment on the case and prosecutor Allison Burton with the County Attorney’s Office was not available for comment.

The Texas Rangers began investigating the school’s activity fund Dec. 3. Brown submitted her retirement Feb. 14 effective April 30 citing a family member’s illness after being placed on paid administrative leave Jan. 14.

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Dragonrider said...

A public trial should be exactly affords the public an opportunity to observe justice being done...switching a trial date and leaving the public "out of the loop" is a violation of the public trust especially when the trial involves an employee of the people...or has this country reduced itself to "secret trials" that the public has no right to know about...what comes next...abolishing the "Freedom of Information Act?...Will the media one day only be allowed to print what is the "official state issued" story?...Our freedom won't be lost all in one fell will be lost little by baby degrees so that the public won't even notice that their freedoms have been crafted into a prison...where the citizen is the inmate and the government is the jailor...our elected officials through their abuse of the "good old boy" system gain more and more power every day... and before long they will no longer be servants of the people but the masters of those whom they were elected to serve....