Thursday, July 7, 2011

Eric Holder finally admits involvement in ATF gun scam for Mexican Drug Lords

It has come to my attention that Eric Holder, our illustrious (sic) head of DOJ was the driving force behind the plan by ATF to allow guns to be bought from American gun shops by straw purchasers and then placed into the hands of Mexican Drug lords. If true, this sheds light on the proposition that our own government officials are working very hard to drive America into the ground, possibly to create an emergency situation that would allow them to declare martial law and set aside the Constitution for the duration of "the emergency". This would mean that our God-given right to self-defense guaranteed by the Amendments to the Constitution, commonly called "the Bill of Rights" would be declared null and void and not allowed! Witness what happened in New Orleans La. immediately following hurricane Katrina.
Ladies and Gentlemen, we MUST NOT allow this to go unaddressed! The Second Amendment to the Constitution of the united States of America was put in place not for hunting, but to ensure that American Citizens could keep in check a tyrannical government. Our firearms rights must NEVER be forfeit, else we become "subject" to the whims of a ruling elite! If those in Washington D.C. are allowed to usurp the powers vested in "We, the people", by executive order and political fiat, then America will become the newest dictatorship in the order of the world.
Americans in every state of the union MUST raise our voices in protest of these actions by our so-called representatives at the federal level. I urge everyone to apprise your respective congressmen of these un-American activities being done behind closed doors and in smoke filled rooms by the unelected bureaucrats who are in power in Washington D.C.

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