Thursday, July 14, 2011

Comment from Physician on TSA

Andrew Carney MD · 4 hours ago

I am a physician who had been on the Radiation Safety Committee at a university hospital.

In 2004, when going through the San Antonio Airport, I saw there was no radiation shielding for employees. When I tried to inquire what the radiation safety procedures were, I was roughed up, apprehended, searched, jailed, had my flight cancelled and subsequently blackballed for any flying. I suffered 2 years of a living hell.

My fine was $10,000 for interfering with the screening process. Please understand the TSA has no standards for radiation exposure of passengers or employees. The TSA is a bullying federal police. It is out of control and has been out of control for some time..


Lordhawke said...

This only goes one step further in proving that the TSA, along with just about every other bureaucracy our federal government has "foisted" on us, is an Outlaw organization bent on the destruction of America! Our representatives need to wake up and listen to what We, the People are telling them: STOP THE MADNESS IN WASHINGTON D.C.!!

wccowboy said...

This sure don't look like the good old USA anymore. Didn't they exempt women in burkas? That might not be how to spell that. I mean those long dresses that cover them from head to foot. They won't let a diaper go through but they let burkas. Nothing makes sense anymore, especially since these Democrats took over in 2006.

gunghoman said...

Man, this was 2004 and they nailed him to the wall and fined him $10,000. They are really getting out of control. Then, they miss the real terrorists. Somebody else always gets them and saves TSA's @ss. "The system works." So Napolitano says.