Sunday, April 17, 2011


Back in 2006 or thereabouts, I ran across federal grant funding for "Institutes of Diversity."  When I started researching about these, the first thing that popped up was the Institute of Diversity at the University of New Mexico.  Another that popped up was in Michigan, Minnisota... I forget... somewhere north.  At any rate, I got absorbed in the University of New Mexico thing and we all started fighting it.  I don't think any one of us received any input back from the University of New Mexico or Governor Richardson.  This site also had a discussion forum for the Institute and they were talking about a veteran who removed a Mexican flag that had been flying for 3 days after he had pleaded with the university's security department to remove it and they did not.  Same time frame as the veteran who cut down the Mexican flag flying over the upside down American flag at some restraurant.  The restraurant vet evidently got away with it.  The UNM veteran was severely castigated in this forum and the last I heard, LULAC was pushing to have him brought to trial under the newly-passed hate crimes law and were saying they were also going to sue him.

As we were fighting this, the first thing to disappear was the UNM Institute of Diversity forum.  Then the teaching materials got hidden but I found where they buried them, still with the link.  The last time I checked the site, I couldn't find them at all.  But..... I had saved them and am now posting them on this Concerned Citizen's site.

While all this was going on, I was told we had the same thing being taught at UTPB.  I never got to check that one out.

  -- Faye

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