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Evidently, Nativo or his followers are promoting this title for him, but I've been pulling up articles on him and reading some of the comments under the articles...  there's a "And the Rest of the Story" here.... most considered this the better title for him:  "Nativo Lopez, the Hispanic Al Sharpton Without the Credibility."  I don't think much of the original title either.  At any rate, here's an excerpt from an informative article on more than just Nativo Lopez, but it's long so I just took the part about him out to post.  Click on the link when you have time and read the full article.  It gives background info and motivations on some of California's politicians so the picture of why California is in the shape it's in becomes rather clear. -- Faye

Standing just behind Governor Davis at his signing ceremony – probably to pull his puppet strings – was another MEChA-like figure who ought to become better known to those White Americans now taking their last gasp.

This activist is Nativo Lopez, elected in July as President of MAPA, the Mexican American Political Association. Months before that he was head of the public school board in Santa Ana in California’s once-conservative Orange County south of Los Angeles. He also headed a radical Hispanic grievance organization called Hermandad Mexicana Nacional.

This ethnic demagogue has come to be widely known in Southern California as “the Hispanic Al Sharpton.”

Nativo Lopez believes that Spanish should be the language of California, the language of the future reconquista. After Californians passed Proposition 227 mandating, in effect, an end to bilingual education, Lopez did all in his power to undermine it. He lobbied parents to sign waivers so that their children could continue to be taught in Spanish, not English.

“A Santa Ana nonprofit has agreed to pay more than $600,000 to the U.S. Government to settle a case in which prosecutors alleged that Hermandad Mexicana Nacional leader Nativo Lopez wrongly diverted grant money meant for English classes for immigrants,” reported the local Orange County Register newspaper.

After voters passed a $145 million bond issue to build more schools for Santa Ana’s growing families, Nativo Lopez and a Hispanic fellow school board member insisted on managing the proposed construction themselves and personally screening every prospective architectural firm. While they dithered, legal deadlines were missed that cost taxpayers many millions of dollars.

“Lopez and others,” reports Steven Greenhut in the Orange County Register, “were soliciting the architectural firms for campaign contributions at the same time he was screening the contract applicants.”

In Santa Ana almost three-quarters of the residents speak Spanish at home. But most Hispanic parents want their children to enjoy the path to success that in American opens with speaking English. Many resented Lopez’s high-handed efforts to keep their children in Spanish-only ghettos. Others were infuriated by Lopez’s incompetence and appearance of corruption.

Families in this mostly Hispanic community launched a recall petition against Nativo Lopez, not unlike the petition to recall Gray Davis.

“Lopez responded to the recall effort in a way worthy of a caudillo in a Latin American state,” wrote the Orange County Register’s Steven Greenhut. “His followers harassed those collecting signatures for the petition.”

When this failed to stop the petition from gathering enough recall signatures, Greenhut continues, “Rather than put the measure on the ballot, the school board dominated by Lopez allies…voted to spend $30,000 to hire a consultant who will call a sampling of people who signed the recall petition and ask them if they really knew what they were doing when they signed it. ‘Imagine the possibilities for intimidation,’ said Ron Unz, the co-author of the 1998 initiative, Proposition 227….’Hey, did you really mean to sign this petitition? Didn’t you really mean to support our good friend Nativo?”

Despite such thug-like threatening tactics, notes John Fund of the Wall Street Journal, Nativo Lopez “was recalled by a resounding 71% vote. He lost every precinct” in this largely-Hispanic city.

But Lopez did have one powerful supporter who traveled all the way from Sacramento to fight against his recall. That friend was Cruz Bustamante, Lt. Governor of the State of California, whose MEChA background as a Hispanic racist was documented in this column.

And days ago this same Nativo Lopez stood behind Gray Davis as the Governor with his pen effectively erased the border separating the United States from Mexico. No wonder Davis wanted no non-Hispanic media to record his moment of shame and betrayal.

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Faye said...

Here's a good reference I want to remember in this article when the driver's license issue comes up...

Illegal aliens have no need for a California Driver License to be able to drive in California. By bilateral agreement, a Mexican citizen could do this using a Mexican Driver License, protected by Mexican insurance upgraded to cover accidents while in the United States. California today, reports the Los Angeles Times, has “an estimated 2 million illegal immigrants of driving age.”

“The only purpose of [this new law] is to place valid state identification documents in the hands of illegal immigrants, undermining enforcement of immigration laws,” said State Senator Tom McClintock