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Marxist Agitator Dolores Huerta Speaks at Tucson High School "Republicans hate Latinos!" (Audio)

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(Repost without Tucson Citizen excerpts)

Marxist agitator and pro-ILLEGAL alien activist Dolores Huerta was an invited guest speaker at a special assembly at Tucson High Magnet School the day after massive student walkouts in support of illegal aliens. Huerta was the co-founder, with Cesar Chavez, of the United Farm Workers Union and is one of the national leaders of the latest protests and rallies supporting illegal alients. During her speech Huerta told many outright lies without being challenged by school officials or students. She even went so far as to state such outrageous things as "We didn't cross the border. The border crossed us" and "Republicans hate Latinos!". All without any opposition from the school administration.

The school has posted the audio of the inflammatory speech wherein Huerta praised student walkouts on the Tucson High Magnet School website at

Arizona State Rep. Jonathan Paton appeared on KOLD 13 TV tonight about this outrage. He sent the school the following letter:

It has come to my attention from students and employees that disturbing events are occurring at Tucson Unified School District.

For that reason, I am seeking answers to several key questions to determine the veracity of these reports.

At the March 29 and 30 rallies, it is alleged that TUSD provided transportation for students who attended the gathering. Expending taxpayer money for political events presents a troubling development in TUSD's mission to educate children.

Also, during a school assembly, an activist spouted political propaganda at Tucson High School while also encouraging students to skip class to class to attend immigration rallies in Downtown Tucson. This is equally disconcerting

I am requesting the following information:

Did TUSD pay for buses or personnel to transport students to or from the rallies in Downtown Tucson on March 29 and 30?

If yes, how much did the district expend for the event?

Did bus drivers receive overtime to transport these students?

If district-supplied busses were used, what prompted the district to provide transportation?

Was there a plan in place prior to the student walkout to transport them back to campus after the rally?

Was Dolores Huerta paid to speak at Tucson High School on April 3?

Did district officials ask that she refrain from political hate speech?

After she began a political diatribe, which included "Republicans hate Latinos. Republicans hate Latinos," why did Tucson High officials allow her to continue her speech?

Was the assembly mandatory for students ?

What options were provided to students who opted against attending the assembly?

Why is her speech posted on the TUSD website?

I look forward to receiving the requested information by April 13, 2006, and look forward to resolving this issue as soon as possible. Thank you in advance for your cooperation in this matter. This public records request seems more civil than the myriad of unpleasantries associated with the provisions of Title 41, Chapter 7, Article 4 of the Arizona Revised Statutes and I hope we can resolve this in a timely matter.

The Tucson Unified School District provided busses to transport students to and/or from the pro-illegal alien rallies held in Tucson last week. I sent the following information about that to Rep. Paton:

I saw the initial report on American Patrol at which said:


Glenn Spencer reports that he talked to the mother of a Buena High School student. Buena is in Sierra Vista, Arizona. She said her son's baseball team was supposed to play a Tucson high school but the game was cancelled. The Buena students learned that the game was cancelled because the Tucson high school bus was being used to take students to an anti-Sensenbrenner bill rally.

The only baseball game scheduled at Buena with a Tucson high school team travelling here was on March 30th and the school was Flowing Wells High School. See the Buena High School Baseball Team Schedule at

There are photos and a report of a Tucson rally on that day at One of the photos clearly shows a public school bus transporting students attending the rally.

An Arizona Daily Star news article from that day mentions that students from Flowing Wells walked out of school to attend the rally. See

Large groups of students continue to demonstrate around Tucson today, the second day in a row that groups have walked out of classes to protest a national effort to crack down on illegal immigration.

More than 250 students are rallying at federal building in Downtown Tucson, and a crowd about that large has been demonstrating at Reid Park, but decided around 11 a.m. to head Downtown to join the other group.

The walk-outs began before 9 a.m., when about 250 students from Catalina High Magnet School left campus. Some 225 students also left Palo Verde High Magnet School. Smaller groups also apparently walked out at Santa Rita High School and Flowing Wells High School. About 75 students from Valencia Middle School also walked out briefly.

Further in the article, it says that administrators at the schools stated that they used school buses to transport the students attending the rally/protest.

Police have been escorting students today to keep them safe. Traffic back-ups are occurring around the city, though. No violence or arrests had been reported at mid-day, authorities said.

Administrators also are keeping a close eye on the students, even arranging for buses to pick them up and return them to school when they’re done, in some cases.

The Tucson Citizen also verifies that school buses were used at

Not only are they transporting students, but no students will be suspended despite clearly violating school district rules according to another Tucson Citizen Article at

No suspensions are planned in the Tucson Unified School District, but Superintendent Roger Pfeuffer said students will face consequences for unexcused absences from school.

It is outrageous that taxpayer funded public school buses would be used to transport students to or from pro-ILLEGAL immigration rallies. It is even more outrageous that a marxist, pro-ILLEGAL alien agitator such as Huerta, who engaged in political hate speech and incited the students to participate in further illegal walkouts, was allowed to speak at an official school assembly at a Tucson high school. Someone should be fired.

Note from Faye:  Delores Huerta did this up around Seattle, WA, also.  Dragged the students out on icy roads to do it.  I'll dig around and see if I still have the info.  Very interesting.

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