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Mexico's American Anchor Babies...The automatic Termination of a Nations Parental Rights
Oscar , Oaxaca: Jul 19 2008 Made Popular Jul 21 2008

The term anchor baby is defined as any offspring born to an illegal immigrant or non-citizen who upon birth is a legal American citizen. These children are automatically eligible for state, local, and federal aid, and upon turning twenty-one years of age may sponser one or more of their non-citizen family members for legal American citizenship.

In Parkland Memorial Hospital in Dallas Texas, one of the United States busiest maternity wards, 70% of the births are to illegal immigrant women. The numbers are staggering, 70% of the births is equivalant to 11,200 babies. The fees for these childrens births were covered in full by the combined efforts of the Texas state Medicaid program, federal government and the Dallas tax payer.

The above data is from a single hospital within the United States, in a country as large as the U.S., how many hospital births could there possibly be ,on a National level, in any given year.

The automatic citizenship of illegal immigrant babies born within the United States is a doubled edged sword. It has essentially created the automatic termination of one Nations parental rights and obligations while forcing the other Nations immediate and unequivocal adoption of the child.

Healthcare in the United States, is undoubtedly, one of the best in the world, but it comes at an extremely high price to its working citizens. The healthcare issue, alone, has caused an extreme animosity by Americans working citizen against not only illegal immigrants, but the entire Hispanic American culture.

Not only are our illegal immigrants causing an overwhelming tax burden on the American citizen, it is causing a great loss in Mexico as well. If 11,200 babies were born in one Texas hospital, we can logically estimate that a minimum of 70%, or 7840 babies, were born to illegal immigrant Mexican women. I won’t go as far as to say all of the children have Mexican fathers, but what I will say is if the child does have a father who is still here in Mexico, he won’t be for long. Come hell or high water that man is going to be with his wife and child, and thus WE lose another of our faithful citizens.

Here, in Mexico, not even our own citizens recieve automatic citizenship. When a child, of any color or Nation, is born the Mother will receive a simple certificate of live birth. It will state the surname ONLY, the date of birth, in what type of place the child was born:( hospital, home, etc) , if the mother had prenatal care, if the baby had any complications, and the name, age, and adress of only the MOTHER. The document does not grant citizenship or any rights to the nameless child, it is a simple aknowledgement that a birth DID take place. When you have the document, you must then take it to a civil registry with with both parents official documents AND the official documents of two sworn witnesses, once ALL documents of ALL parties have been thoroughly investigated, you will then be called to return to the registry office, and if approved, will receive the registered birth certificate, aknowledging that the child is officially of Mexican citizenship.

Statistics are showing employment is still the number one reason for our Mexican nationals to risk illegal immigration, but the second, very influential, factor is : FAMILY UNITY.

In time, Mexico’s American anchor children will grow and become of age to sponser, we will lose even more of our countrymen. What begins as one of our men or woman in search of a way to feed their children ends in Mexico losing its roots. Families across the globe unite.. We remain united, that is our stregnth, backbone, support system, and drive.. These children will seek to be released from their internal limbo and made “whole”, they will seek their heritage, their blood, and their Nation. They will seek to create the home they never knew, Mexico, but they will be forced to do it within United States walls.

The key is to remain HERE. If an illegal immigrant is already in the United States, they must return, for their children, and unite HERE in Mexico. This is their home, only here their children can be made entirely whole. Mexican blood is what flows through their viens. A Nation, ones heritage, simply, can not and should not be terminated, by default, for being born abroad.

Here, in their homeland, they can raise our flag high. Here, united, we can all make a difference.


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