Tuesday, April 27, 2010


The KWEL site has a couple of liberal critters trying to create havoc on it. And, although Craig Anderson and Jason Moore are perfectly capable of handling them, I can't resist doing a little poking.

I especially enjoy this one post.


Down on the comment with the video of "Nobody Messes with Joe," the other videos were Hannity and his Waste 101 reporting on stupid things the stimulus money had been spent on. They've been removed now and the links don't work.


Earl said...


Faye said...

Well, it looks like the link gave up.

If you're interested in some really stupid, funny stuff, type KWEL radio in your search bar, click on KWEL 1070, click on Talk Back, then on Comments, then on Tina Fey Unveils Palin's Next Career.

Faye said...

And the links under my comment showing the video of Obama saying "No one messes with Joe" when he put Joe to oversee the distribution of the stimulus have been removed off You Tube. Fox does that. They were videos of Hannity and his "Waste 101" programs showing all the wasteful spending connected with the stimulus bill.