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Una Voz Unida is a 501c4 organization which makes it non-profit and allows it to collect donations. They also have a PAC (Political Action Committee) that will endorse candidates and fund their campaigns. To my knowledge, they have not yet obtained their 501c3 status which will allow them to apply for federal grants, but I would guess that this is their next step since they are currently concentrating on “civic education,” one of the primary ways for organizations to obtain federal money.

When Art declared himself a “mestizo,” he was using a code word that identified him with groups that support the takeover of Aztlan. Art put up the Santa Barbara Plan de Aztlan on his original website for Una Voz Unida. The Santa Barbara Plan de Aztlan promotes the takeover of “Atzlan,” a mythical area consisting of the lower southwest United States by “any means necessary” with the end result of kicking European (and any other races other than Chicano) out to include extermination. There are more Plans de Atzlan, all written by various MEChA university campus groups, all saying basically the same things.

One of the groups Art will be meeting with in San Antonio is MAPA (Mexican-American Political Association). This group, along with La Hermandad Mexicana Natcional, has been successful in electing many of their cohorts to office, including senators and Henry Cisneros, Secretary of Commerce. They are most active in California where they contributed to the elections of Antonio Villagairosa , mayor LA, and Fabian Nunez, speaker of the house in the California legislature. These two attempted to take over the LA school system a while back with the help of Nativo Lopez, current head of MAPA. Navtio Lopez runs what looks like a secret service around Antonio Villagairosa and uses men in red vests with La Hermandad Mexicana Nacional on the back on the vests for crowd control and direction. All have been accused of corruption and misuse of funds.

MAPA was founded by Bert Corona, again, the avowed radical communist, I’ve been yelling about who also founded the school in DC we are sending the migrant kids to.

Art also advertised in Nueva Raza for donations. Check out this site. It’s also Atzlan. oriented.

A little digging into the Nueva Raza site showed they are connected with the SDS. Yeah, the old Students for a Democratic Society… you know, that group associated with the Weathermen that was so fond of bombing back in the 60’s and 70’s.

So, Mayor Melton, et al, you really want to lend credence to Una Voz Unida?


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Faye said...
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Faye said...

I was having problems posting there for a while....

Art has started his own blog and posted a rebuttal to this post.

It looks like I did make one mistake... I stated the meeting was in San Antonio when it was in El Paso. The NCLR, among many others, is meeting in San Antonio.

We obtained the info about MAPA being involved from Art's own release concerning the meeting and his request for delegates.

The research on Bert Corona is already on this site under "ECISD."
The research on MAPA and Nativo Lopez is scattered out among many sources. I'll gather it all together and post it after the May 8th election.

Art said...

Faye, I don't want to fight with you. I would rather us workout any misunderstandings you have about me or UVU.

Take Care
Art Leal
Una Voz Unida of Odessa

Faye said...

Art, it's not you personally or your organization that I am fighting. It turns out that way because of the people and organizations you have evidently aligned yourself with. If you want to serve on various boards or in elected office, I have no problem with that if you have the best interests of the WHOLE community and the U.S. at heart. Lord knows we don't have enough people willing to sacrifice for the community. And, it is a sacrifice... sometimes of personal finances, time with family, exposure to public ridicule, and on and on.

As a fellow veteran, I don't understand your alignment with radical, racial groups. Seems to me we fought for the same things in the past, but now you fight with groups intent on destroying what we fought for in the first place. How do you ignore this? Do you not learn about organizations before you choose to align yourself with them?

Take your apology and your rebuttal to my article for instance. You deny supporting illegal immigration, open borders, or meeting Nativo Lopez. Yet, in your blogging on the OA, you effectively said that we must accept being "rolled over" by the influx of illegal aliens. The resolutions adopted by the Nacional Congresso included resolutions that subvert our immigration laws, resolutions to get rid of E-Verify, 287(g), etc.

I made a mistake and listed the Nacional Congresso meeting as being in San Antonio when it was in El Paso, but you just had to draw attention to the fact that you DID meet with Nativo Lopez, had a discussion with him, and exchanged business cards. Do you know who he is?

That's why I usually post the Kyl cartoon when I blog with you. You're not ringing true.

I wish you would fight WITH me and not AGAINST me. There's a lot to be done if we are to turn this all around and produce kids with a viable future. And it begins at the local level with voter education.

Faye said...

Anybody have ANYTHING that will help with this block-big, stuffed with cotton, headcold I've got?

The cartoon character's name is Kaa, not Kyl. He can be found on You Tube under Jungle Book. He likes to hypnotize his victims before eating them.

Faye said...

To whoever,

Got your e-mail regarding my "request" for information on San Antonio. It will certainly help since I was planning on going down to the Riverwalk sometime soon.

The invitation to come over for coffee and viewing my new Kimber is still open.

Art said...

Faye, I appreciate your concerns and I am thankful for this opportunity to dialogue. I also want to assure you that I have not aligned myself or UVU with the organizations you speak of. But I would agree that someone that does not fully understand what we do or trying to do could perceive we are aligned. I like speaking with people with different views than mine. They can learn from me and I can from learn from them. Then I can draw my own conclusion. Often times we agree to disagree. I am going to share a little bit of my conversation with Nativo Lopez in El Paso. I outright questioned him why MAPA was pushing for a boycott of the CENSUS. For someone I just met, I was really pulling all the stops. I honestly was upset about it. He
shared his view and we had dialogue, and I respectfully disagreed with him. I left knowing that I didn't change his mind but
he learned that not everyone thinks like him.

I respect your military service and see you as my bretheren and comrade. I am a proud veteran. Life Member of the VFW and I
would never trample on our Flag. Friends of mine died protecting its freedoms in the Gulf War of 1990.

Right now no one is bridge building. The U.S. and the U.S.S.R. were not always communicating countries. It took a great President to reach out and start dialogue (REAGAN). It didn't make him or the U.S. communist because he had dialogue them. I am no REAGAN, but in the same instance we reach out to organizations and work to find common ground. We want to understand the real issue behind the rhetoric.

I have to be careful when I blog. Sometimes I am satirically speaking with a tint of sarcasm and it is read completely different than how I meant it. If I came across as saying that we should allow the U.S. to be rolled over by illegal immigrants, I sincerely apologize. I certainly didn't mean it that way. I love my country.

On the Latino Congresso: The Latino Congresso was a great opportunity for us to advocate what our organization is trying to
do and what we are facing locally on a National level. The Latino Congresso kind of a "party convention" of sorts. Although
let me be clear they are not a political party. They adopt resolutions from many different organizations. Adoption is only
one part, then they are carried to Washington and lobbied in the hopes that it gets enough support from Senators and Representatives that it may become a "Bill". But it still doesn't end there. The "Bill" has to pass the House, Senate, committees, excetra. Many are never heard of again. Sometimes the good parts make it to another "Bill" but you never hear about it.

Your comments are correct that some organizations submitted some pretty radical resolutions. Trust me, we tried to object, amend, excetra; but we are just one little organization from Odessa Texas. With the number of organizations represented there it passes without our vote. We did not support those Resolutions and we voted "against" on alot of bad resolutions.

When I write I am not thinking semantics. So trust me when I say I don't have a secret message embeded in my words. I wasn't trying to draw attention that I met Nativo Lopez. I was just trying to honest. I wasn't going to deny meeting him. I know I did. I do know who he is and have read about him in different articles. He is a very much part of the "Old Guard." MAPA's way of addressing issues is not effective. We need to use more diplomatic and reasonable means to get things done.

I couldn't agree with you more on your last comment. We can produce kids with viable futures. And it does begin at the local level with education. You are right on.


Art Leal
Community Organizer
Una Voz Unida of Odessa

Faye said...

We'll continue the dialogue, Art, but I will reserve Kaa. You're in a pretty deep hole that's going to take a lot of effort to get out of.

BTW, I heard about a new organization on the southside that sounds really great. CIA - Citizens in Action. They evidently did a tremendous clean-up job and are working with the kids in softball. That sounds like the southside I grew up in. I remember watching from the window because I had chicken pox while the entire southside was outside raking and burning during the polio epidemic.

Faye said...

And, Art... I am nobody's "comrade."

Art said...

Faye, I hope I didn't offend you using "Comrade". Just a word we used in the military. My apologies if I did.

The Community in Action Neighborhood Associaltion or CIA does some great work. They are really trying to clean things up in the southside with the limited resource they have.

Alot of effort yes. Everyday I am out in the community talking about what we do. One citizen at a time. We'll get there. But if people don't ask, call, email or visit the website with their questions then we have to wait till we run into them somewhere and clear up any misunderstandings.

I love the Jungle Book. I am a King Louie kind of guy.

All the best,

Art Leal
Community Organizer
Una Voz Unida of Odessa

Talley said...

What are Kyl, Kaa, and King Louie? And why are you humoring Art, Faye?

Faye said...

For Talley,

Kyl was a mistake I made because I have a bad head cold. Totally disregard Kyl, especially the one currently serving in the U.S. Senate. :)

Kaa is a python snake character in the cartoon "Jungle Book." He hypnotizes his victims before he eats them. I pull him up whenever I'm talking to Art and I feel he's telling me and America to go back to sleep.

King Louie is an orangatan character in Jungle Book. He's king of the monkeys who capture a little boy named Mowgli and they swing him around while King Louie dances and sings "I wanna be like you." Contemplation of Art's comparing himself to King Louie is interesting and would provide fodder for the mind on a lazy weekend day.

I'd give you the links but this blog won't allow that capability in the comment mode. Just go to You Tube and search for Jungle Book.

Faye said...

Art, your reference to Reagan and the Russians is intriguing because it hints of a diametrically opposed version of history between the two of us. My recollection is that Reagan ended detente, escalated military spending which he knew the Russians couldn't maintain, and stopped providing wheat on credit to Russia, among other things, all leading to Russia's collapse.

Art said...

Just want to be clear that there was nothing behind my reference to King Louie. Other than I just believe I am a fun person to be around. I like to dance and be silly. I am no King of anything or anyone. Also, no hidden message in the song he sings either. I don't want a special fire or to be anyone else other than myself.

We want to wake up Odessa and America. I think it is time.

Regarding REAGAN, not trying to get to deep but you are right what you stated. I was speaking in the context of the legacy of REAGAN being the great communicator.

Lastly, I don't feel humored, I feel honored to be having a civil discussion with you Faye. I'll be offline for a while. Vacation with the family. Enjoying Easter. I wish you and your family a happy Easter session or Passover.

Best Regards,

Art Leal
Community Organizer
Una Voz Unida of Odessa

Faye said...

OK, so we're throwing King Louie over into the trash heap, Kaa's on hold, and there's a definite crack in the art of communication somewhere.... no pun intended.

Happy Easter and may God bless us all.

Faye said...

Let’s discuss “affiliation” next.. You say that you did not affiliate yourself or your organization with any of those organizations. But the resolutions were voted on and they are now in one document…. With all the organizations who voted on them attached to the document. However, whether one organization voted no on this or that particular resolution is not on the document or the attachment which are now on the way to DC.. Like this one:

Page | 1
March 26, 2010
The Honorable, George Miller
Chairman, Committee on Education and Labor
U.S. House of Representatives
2181 Rayburn House Office Building
Washington, DC 20515

The Honorable, John Kline
Ranking Member, Committee on Education and Labor
U.S. House of Representatives
2181 Rayburn House Office Building
Washington, DC 20515

RE: Recommendations for the Reauthorization of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act

Dear Chairman Miler and Ranking Member Kline:
The Hispanic Education Coalition (HEC), an ad hoc coalition of national organizations dedicated
to improving education for Hispanics, is pleased to submit its preliminary recommendations for
the reauthorization of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA).
Latinos constitute the largest and fastest-growing ethnic minority in U.S. public schools.

…The cover letter for this document is 2 pages long so I won’t print out the whole thing but look at the signatures:

Erika Beltran
National Council of La Raza
HEC Co-chair

Iris Chavez
League of United Latin American Citizens
HEC Co-chair

NCLR and LULAC (and ad hoc coalitions) joined at the hip requesting not only that this failed program be continued but increasing it’s budget to $2,000,000,000 and increasing the expenditure from $90 per student to $250. Almost triple the current budget. And provisions that will probably result in yet more lowering of our educational standards.

Now UVU more than likely is not on the ad hoc list for this legislation, but some of those radical resolutions you say you didn’t vote for will be written up to whatever they pertain to and the people pushing for the legislation will approach Conaway, Cornyn, and Hutchison staffers with the legislation already written and Lord knows how many pages listing “ad hoc coalitions,” one of whom will be Una Voz Unida whose faithful leader didn’t vote for that radial, racial resolution, and didn’t align himself or his organization with anything radical because he only went down there to talk to people who disagree with him to get their viewpoint. But Conaway, Cornyn, and Hutchison will all think you are aligned with them. I’m sure you’re already aware of all this.

Faye said...

How long is your Easter vacation, Art?

Art said...

Hello again Faye. Vacation and having to catch up at work among other things. I hope your Easter was blessed.

The passed resolutions of the Latino Congreso only bear the names of the convening and co-convening organizations.

We were delegates. We only represented our particular organization.

I hope this helps.

Take Care

Art Leal
Una Voz Unida of Odessa

Faye said...

I need Kaa here. Art, you and I both know that ALL the organizations will be used to gain the support of our elected representatives.

Makes me wonder what you are teaching our community under the auspices of Una Voz Unida.

Faye said...

I think Art has suspended the dialog. His site now gives access to his blog only by invitation.