Thursday, August 28, 2008



I wonder where Brook is going and what he's going to be doing. I hope he doesn't quit making videos. We've always talked about somewhere else we could go if something happened to his site. I never imagined it would be one of mine. I'll go into withdrawal when he shuts down.

We're rather liberal on this site. I moderate comments but only to keep the loonies out. Litewt8 and Beadalong encountered some of the local talent when they helped me with a newspaper article. We've got this site and I send out a newsletter. I haven't for a couple of months because...., but Pat over in Midland sends out articles with comments all the time. We work mostly on a local and state level, but there are members in a lot of states besides Texas. We had planned to work on membership and the local elected officials this summer, but you know what happened. We did succeed in getting about 5 resolutions on the Texas Republican Platform concerning illegal immigration, illegals voting, the NAU, and the Superhighway. It looks like we succeeded in stopping the La Entrada road, at least for a while. And Jason Moore and I succeeded in drawing some attention to what's happening with the local schools.

It will be nice to still talk to you via comments. Make all you want. The locals around here usually e-mail me rather than comment. If you have articles you want to post or if you want to write about an issue, put in a comment, "Faye, contact me." The site captures your e-mail address. Then I can e-mail you, you'll get my e-mail address and you can then send what you want and I'll put it on the site.

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