Sunday, April 13, 2008


Oh, here's news on the trial of Peter Ryan Lynch. Note that the people who brought the charges against him are El Centro de la Raza at University of New Mexico. First, there was news that Felipe Calderon would be passing out bucks to the Mexican consulates for programs to combat anti-illegal immigration, hate crimes, racial profiling. Then UMC got a new department, Institute of Diversity. They pulled over El Centro de la Raza under them. When the Institute of Diversity first formed, their site stated they were going to combat anti-illegal immigration, hate crimes, racial profiling. They've moved stuff around and edited now and hidden the El Centro de la Raza site, but it's still there as it was.... it's just under sites of interest. I'll give you the link. Probably have before since this is like a stone in my craw. At any rate, about the same time as the Institute of Diversity formed, this flag ruckus occurred. They went after Peter Lynch like a pack of wolves after a skraggly lamb. LULAC even piled in and wanted a federal hate crimes charge brought against him. And we had ADL and ACLU people attacking police departments all over the nation for racial profiling, even here in Odessa. SPLC is after people like Lou Dobbs and Hannity for hate speech. Ain't it grand what Mexico does with money?

Peter Lynch

El Centro de la Raza
They've hidden things and moved things around again... but they haven't gotten rid of the evidence.

Here's some more background on Peter Lynch.

Oh, no, they found him guilty.

Well, I guess they had a big party over that one and LULAC is probably ecstatic over the improved prospect of having him prosecuted for a hate crime. But it's ok for them to do Maywood, and all that other stuff with our flag. Where's a bucket?

I guess that's also why they had the audacity to do this.

And this.

And this.

This vet, however, seems to have scored a victory. It doesn't appear they wanted to tangle with him.

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This is a travesty.