Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Illegal immigrants are invading state of Texas

Letter to the Editor
Published in the Midland Reporter-Telegram 4/20/08

While Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst extols the virtues of Texas getting tough on illegal immigration in TV ads, the invasion by illegal aliens continues with little abatement. Placing a few cameras along the border and hiring more law enforcement not charged with specific immigration enforcement has done little to nothing to stem the invasion. And now Texas is being invaded from all directions as illegal aliens leave states where tougher laws have been enacted.

The main draw to illegal aliens has been the greedy rich who hire them for substantially less than they would pay American citizens. The illegal aliens are subsidized by hard-working Texans’ taxes so the greedy rich’s illegal alien work force can thrive on meager wages. Giving illegals taxpayer-funded in-state tuition not allowed our fellow citizens doesn’t help matters either.

If Texas officials truthfully want to walk the walk and protect the citizens of our state they will enact laws such as those enacted by Arizona, which takes away the business license of those caught a second time employing illegal aliens.

Citizens need to contact our governor, lieutenant governor and state representatives and tell them to get serious about protecting “we the people” of Texas from harm due to the ongoing invasion of illegal aliens, and to pass and enforce laws similar to Arizona’s.

If they don’t pass such laws, it will mean they don’t care what the citizens of Texas want; they will continue to cater to the greedy rich and pander to the illegal aliens.

Stacy Wright


Ed said...

I think almost every city in Texas is a sanctuary city except that one up by Plano. What are they doing here? We're swamped out with them. Been to Walmart lately?

Mariel said...

Well said.