Tuesday, February 12, 2008


Prevent a state entity or local municipality from creating an ordinance or policy that violates state or federal law (stop Sanctuary Cities). Reference: HB 13

Jesse Gore = (4) I would co-sponsor this as legislation

Tryon Lewis = (5) I would co-author this as legislation

Randy Rives = (6) I would introduce this as the main author

Buddy West = (3) I would try to get this out of committee with a favorable recommendation


Faye said...

Austin, Houston, and Dallas are all sanctuary cities. I don't think we have any specific rules the police go by here, but Midland-Odessa are sanctuary cities by default. And we're on the main hub for drug-running. If you're not aware of the Congressional report on the border situation, please take the time to call up "A Line in the Sand." It's a pdf file so I can't give you a link, but if you just put A Line in the Sand in the search bar, it's easily obtained.

Sis said...

I read that report a while back. Congress is fully aware of it. They all took oaths to protect us from invasion. So why aren't they doing it?